I do love you from my heart, don’t be bothered, I’m not going to hurt your feelings, he told her reassuringly as they both kissed and giggled all through the evening.Allow me take you home, Fred asked, I can find my way Nkechi said as she stood up to take her leave.When I get home, I’ll call you, Nkechi said to Fred.

On getting home, she heard sounds of heated arguments between Chisom and Tonia as they cursed each other.What’s happening, Nkechi asked, don’t mind her ooo, Chisom said pointing accusing fingers at Tonia for stealing Chief from her.Is it true Tonia, that you snatched Chief from Chisom, Nkechi asked standing in between them as they had both torn their clothes into shreds. Chief just called me to hang out with him and I went to his place and one thing led to the other and we had sex and he paid me, I don’t know why chisom is making a fuss about it, we are all in the same business she said, narrating her own part of the story. You shouldn’t have done that knowing fully well that Chief and Chisom had been having an affair, you just stabbed Chisom in the back and you betrayed her trust in you.I think you should go apologize to her and you both should make up, she advised and walked into her room.

Hello baby, hope you got home safely because I just finished handling a mess now.What mess, Fred inquired, never mind, will tell you that later.Hope you have eaten because I’m starving and want to go prepare dinner, talk to you later, love you she said and hung up the phone.

All through the night, Nkechi sat up thinking about what Chisom did tell her not knowing what to do, she then made up her mind she’s going into prostitution not minding the risks involved she said to her self, “I’ll make soo much money and be more famous than Chisom” taking pride in her self and such beauty she has been endowed with.

Nkechi, let’s go grab a beer, there is somebody I want you to meet, Chisom said as they both stepped out in grandeur with the onlookers looking at such wonderful beauties.They stopped an oncoming taxi, Beverly Resorts Chisom told the taxi driver as they bargained at a price.Okay, lets go he said, as they entered the taxi and he drove them to the venue, they paid him and walked majestically as people in the Hotel marveled at their beauty.

Hello love, we are at the bar, Chisom said over the phone,they ordered some champagne as they discussed while drinking.Wow, you look soo ravishing,Deolu said admiring their beauty, thank you they chorused.Deolu meet my friend Nkechi, Nkechi meet my friend Deolu as she both introduced them to each other.She’s beautiful as you said,as Nkechi felt shy, as they discussed ordering more drinks and were already drinking to stupor.

I’ll be on my way Chisom said standing to her feet and walking to the gate.I’ll meet you at home, Nkechi shouted back at Chisom as she and Deolu walked into the hotel to spend the night.Nkechi jumped onto the bed and fell asleep, snoring loudly as Deolu came to join her in bed clinching her to his waist,caressing her in pleasurable manners as she let out a soft moan.Hmm, she moaned, giving Deolu further access to pleasurable parts of her body as they both had mind blowing sex all through the night.Gosh, you are soo hot she said to Deolu, I can go as many rounds as possible he boasted as they both had their bath together.

Wow, Chisom blushed as Nkechi narrated what happened at night.You see, I told you, you will enjoy it, this is just a tip of the iceberg, Nkechi replied.This became a regular habit for Nkechi as she kept late nights, became an alcoholic, started smoking, even doing worse things than what Chisom did as her fame increased, she became wealthier than Chisom, went as far as buying Chisom a car on her birthday.Fred kept calling, she ignored his calls, walked him out of his house, shattered his heart.In all of these, Nkechi never saw her impending doom coming as she became the talk of the town, painted the town red and did all crazy things in a bid to be famous.

Noo, she screamed, Doctor this can’t be my result, I think you must have mixed it up.I’m sorry the doctor said, you have been infected with the HIV virus and there’s nothing we can do about that, I’ll advise you visit the heart to heart center where you will be taught on how to manage your disease and be given the Anti Retroviral Drug to supress it’s effect thereby making you live longer.Nkechi walked out looking sober, dejected, and tired of life, “what will I tell my parents, Chisom, my friends, how will they take it”, this she asked and many more finding no answers to them all.

Nkechi decided to go back home and tell her parents what happened to her while in Lagos.On getting home, both parents welcomed their daughter back home.Hope you enjoyed your stay while you were in Lagos, her mom asked.With a sober look on her face with tears dripping down her eyes, she narrated her ordeal while living in the Metropolitan city of Lagos. What, they both screamed, shocked at what their daughter had told them, is that why you’ve always locked yourself in the room? Is that why you never talked to us and many more they asked.I’m sorry, Nkechi cried, I was deceived and I didn’t know how it happened, please forgive me Nkechi said weeping profousely. Get up, my child, the deed is already done.We just have to be grateful to God that you are not dead, both parents said as they came hugging her dearly.


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