Examination malpractice has been caused by multifarious factors. Ranging from parents , teachers , school management and other factors .
Education serves as a prime instrument in the development of Nigeria but the issues of malpractice has broke this system down to the ground .
It would be pertinent to note that the main reason people involve in malpractice is for certification of achievement, selection for educational and employment opportunities. Examination malpractice is not a recent phenomenon neither is it peculiar to tertiary level. It would also be important to note that the first record of examination malpractice occurred in 1914 when there was leakage of question papers in senior Cambridge local examination. Since then , students in collaboration with teachers has deployed several means of malpractice.
The major causes of malpractice in Nigeria educational system. Ranging from primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.

1.lack of sound teachers. When teaches fail to impact knowledge on the students. Students will be left with no option than engaging in malpractice.
2. Lack of preparation on the part of students, I could recall vividly, when my mum told me that perfect preparations prevents poor performance (ppppp) today students has thrown the act of studying to the dust .
4.poor moral upbringing .
5.poor teaching habits on the part of teachers
6.poor conditions under which examination are conducted , such as inappropriate sitting arrangement as well as poor supervision.
And so many other forms .
Very bad for a developing country like Nigeria , that its educational system is on the verge of collapse as a result of poor orientation .
It pains me seeing the type of half baked graduates my country produces .
So far the government has implemented some policies that could be used to curb and curtail this menace but how far has it gone towards remedying the menace , Becomes a burning question looking forward to seeing an answer .
The concluding part of this article we bring to us what the government of the day has done to put an end to this burning issue .


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