Crippled thoughts.

“Gees, you really called me here for this, right?” Jane yelled, with her seducing eye and lips all moving at an intriguing pace despite the hate on her face. She spited derogatory words from her mouth. Murray was on his kneels expecting a YES. His heart began to pound with fear as people in the mall all watched – expecting a yes from the bride soon to be, but they all got a shocker.

“You’re just so low to me man. So you ever imagined I would fall in love with you over a cheap few dates and a few things you buy here and there? Oh, wait, perhaps it’s because I honor your invitations?” Jane ranted. She tapped her feet on the beautifully designed tiles; the sound from it could wake the dead in a second. The mall was in silence for a minute in resemblance to those used in remembrance of heroes who lost their precious lives in cold battles. The other customers watched Murray in a mixture of perspective: the young ones were sarcastic – drawing humor from the humiliation he felt deeply inside of him, while only a few others were repentant. The young lady could have taken it easy with him, they murmured.

“Baby, could…..ldd you…” a flabbergasted Murray stammered and staggered on his kneels surprisingly. He was still glued to his knees where he had mustered the courage to propose his friend turned lover. He didn’t expect Jane to muster those tart words towards him – not even in the public. Waves of shame flew through his veins; his self confidence dropped low as Jane took a turnaround to head back home from the mall.
She didn’t even allow him read the Shakespeare’s love quotes he was prepared to render the love of his life. “was I too forward by asking her this early?” Murray soliloquized. He had only knew Jane bare a month ago when they met at an international leadership conference in Victoria Island. She works as the manager of a renowned hotel owned by her father – the business tycoon; Chief Eagers. Jane was as beautiful as the best of her kind. She wore elegance on her sleeves and a resounding brilliance on her head daily. Despite looking below class for such a goddess, Murray obdurately resulted to getting closer to Jane. He simply couldn’t resist her charming nature. Not the thoughts of the inability of his 100k salary to cater for the needs of a super expensive lady occurred to him. He was drunk in love.
Ever since he got her contact and began chatting and seeing regularly, he had made up his mind to pop up the question before someone else steals his joy from him. Murray was already having dreams of having three children with her; they would together travel round the world and enjoy the beaches on the island of Bahamas, the game reserves of Tanzania, the climates of Europe. He was lost in fantasies.
He walked out of the mall with his head dropping beneath his neck. He resorted to a nearby Restaurant just proximal to the busy Ikeja road that was throwing noises from passersby and vehicles into his already perturbed ears. He needed time for reflection. The past six hours was almost the worse of his life: he’s handsome look betrayed him – not the well ironed shirt and brown jean he wore – or anything else appealed to his poor humiliated mind.
Before the waiter could get near to him, Murray impenitently waved a vivid ‘not interested’ indication, while dragging his dawdling feet to a secluded seat by the left side of the restaurant. His eyes spelt misery as he sat quietly like a child recovering from the momma’s spank.
The adamant waiter approached, dressed in the usual white and black customized attire; she wore a gorgeous enticing smile on her face.
“And…Hem..Sir, you said you’re okay. Are you sure that you don’t need anything?” she asked, winking at every slight opportunity. She wondered how a tall handsome looking man would sit empty on a chair in a public restaurant.
“I’m just fine thanks. Very okay” Murray replied with a contrasting look and a voice battling with ignominy. What he felt in his blood, bones and marrows were those of shame, lowered self esteem, depression. The last thing he needed was food or drink – expect a strong wine to calm his nerves. He almost requested for a brandy until his lost mind reminded him that he doesn’t drink. The rampaging mixed thoughts flashing through his mind were enough to feel him up to the brim.

He continued to stare at his poor self in a reflection on his mobile phone left on the table. The thoughts of an energetic young man seemed crippled by the actions of his beautiful enigmatic lover.

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