Bad Habit: Abbreviating words while chatting or messaging.

The average Nigerian youth was on 2GO, Kobrawap, Chillinlounge and the rest of the dating/chatting sites a decade ago. They were the perfect platform for youths to unwrap the audacious, exciting and energetic nature they possess in full blown version.

Those sites were not in the packages as we have today, but they still functioned well enough to influence youths positively or negatively. Some used these platforms for good purpose while others use the platforms for bad purposes. It all depended on what you wanted and how you wanted it – the other side of the invasion of technology so to say.

We now live in the days of fast messaging. Current studies in the US showed that the rate at which people make calls on their phones has drastically reduced. The same studies revealed that the existence of social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc have become the main rationale why the rates of making phone calls have significantly reduced. These social media platforms have given people more freedom and access to their friends and relatives in an easier manner. Its easier to open up facebook and chat with several persons at the same time same goes to whatsapp and the rest of them.

A dire habit that has however come with the use of social media to chat and connect with the rest of the world has been the manner at which people especially youths abbreviate the words they type in their message boxes. This, quite understandable is because of saving time. “Ds” instead of “these”, “mrcle” instead of “miracle”, “evrtyn” instead of “everything”, and a host of them have become the customized fashion of chatting and messaging.

Part of the horrendous consequence of abbreviating words is such manner is that a candidate sitting for an examination begins to unconsciously write in abbreviations. This has happened before and still happening. The brain actually stores the reoccurring process of typing in abbreviations overtime and produces them via the subconscious mind when the subject does not even know.
Chatting and messaging is all fine and good, but people especially youths filled with impudence and enthusiasm have to grow more trees of caution to avoid mistakes that can jeopardize their academic performance, and the future at large.

The world is moving at a fast pace, but we have to smartly flow with it.

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