8 Ways to Forgive and Forget

1. Understand your own feelings.
Make sure that you can clearly state
what bothers you about the situation
and then share it with someone you
trust. Remember that a problem shared is half solved.

2. Long to forgive.
Decide that you will take whatever action you need to take so that you can feel better about what’s going on. Open up your mind to forgive even when it’s hard to.

3. Focus on finding peace.
Peace is sure once you forgive. The goal is to find peace and understanding. Sometimes, you won’t always be able to reconcile the issue fully so instead, but focus on accepting what happened.

4. Get a new view.
It’s quite good to be reflective. Look at the situation honestly. You’re likely letting past issue affect your present outlook so look at present circumstances to soothe those hurt feelings. You’ll realize how at ease you’d fill.

5. Control your stress.
When you start to get upset, look for away to immediately reduce your stress. Go to an open space and embrace the warmth, roll out the anger inside of you and let the winds take them away.

6. Eliminate expectations.
Realize that you cannot control the actions of other people. Even if you wish someone would behave a certain way,
don’t expect them to do so.

7. Channel your energy.
Use your energy for good by finding new ways to get what you want. Try to find the right person who can trust and pour your mind to.

8. Pray
The best way to forgiveness is to pour out your mind in prayers. Bible says, ‘cast thy burdens upon me, for I care for you.’ Tell Jesus about that pain, about the shame someone slammed on you.

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