They are not working, they refused to be corrected, they are seen with big cars, they are the one building mansions around, they believe that money can do all things, they are the one in town. They are seen with deceptive business names just to cover up their crimes.
These are some of our Youths nowadays that are in search of making quick money all around.
Some of them are drop out, some are initiated into it through their friends, while many are lure into it through their parents.
Where are the morals that we were taught then by our parents, that hardworks pays and those that can endure with what they are passing through will definitely come out stronger.
The most terrible and painful thing is that, some parents are the one that is now initiating their children into this money rituals business.
They don’t have any sense of decorum, they have thrown their sense of dignity into the river all because of money. The child that suddenly becomes rich too, that doesn’t know what is called suffering will be seen around flaunting his wealth around.
No wonder most of them end up using their parents to renew the evil covenant. So many uncontended female youths lives have been wasted away unknowingly.
They sleep with these so called big boys and they are unaware that so many of them have been used for renewal of covenant.
Some even have new ways of renewing their covenants, they celebrate birthdays of their children at the schools they attend. By doing this, other innocent children that eat from what they bring to the school destinies are been swapped.
But, with all these trend of things going on, can’t we correct these wrongs?
Yes we can, if all of us can jointly condemn these so called rich guys attitudes. Any parents found of supporting such should be abandoned and we all should condemn their actions. Let our elders that have not being hypnotized, I, mean the ones that believes that godliness with contentment is a great gain stand up and do the needful in time.
The most painful aspect of the story is that, those youths that ought to be a pride to our nation dies at their prime age because of impatience.
If you do money rituals and you are rich, it has been written that you will be rich not because of what you have done.
All the houses built with this blood money later becomes abandoned, cars later become moveable coffins. So, why is all these madness of becoming rich suddenly?
Remember, hard work still pays.
Struggle and make your money.


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