Political apathy arise in a country in a time where some citizens sees themselves to be powerless or inferiors in political activities in their country. This political apathy is been expressed in many ways.
As a Nigerian , I have come to understand that many Nigerians engage in this act .This therefore become a threat to our destiny because leaders will tend to act arbitrarily. some scholars posits that when people run away from politics they will end up been led by inferiors .This resentment also known as apathy or lack of interest has been expressed by my country people in so many ways that I shall be looking into one after the other .
Lack of interest in elections, political events, public meetings among others.
This indifference of an individuals and lack of interest in participating in political activities has done more harm than good to my country.

It’s effects on the economy , government and leaders is multifarious.
Political apathy can lead to low voter turnout and stagnation in a state’s government. Furthermore , it’s a threat to democracy. It’s also have psychological damage due to lack of personal interaction.

Many political analyst is of the view that lack of political participation can lead to what they referred as” political ills ” they went further to say that this political ills has components which includes corruption and dishonesty among politicians as they are not held responsible

No wonder , when I was in secondary school my government advocated that voting should be made compulsory. Presently, some countries of the countries of the world has made voting compulsory, when one attain the years stipulated by the law which differs from country to another .

In Nigeria , political apathy is found mostly on the part of younger voters , the poor , and minority groups. This apathy won’t do any good to our country. that is the reason why I have always advocated for active as opposed to passive participation in political affairs, because they lies our destiny and we must take our destiny in our hands to avoid been led by inferiors .
Every should get his voters card ready because your votes counts .
Do not shun away from political activities .
I stand against political apathy .


  1. That i very true…. It is common to see people complaining about the government leaders, but still they will do nothing to change them when election comes..it wont work

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