Drug abuse has become a matter of constant discussion on radio, television and in the daily newspaper recently. The menace of drug abuse in our country has reached a frightening proportion and it has pervaded every sector of our society. Drugs, which are made from medicinal substance formulated by pharmacists for the cure of people’s ailment, is used wrongly and abused by people across the social strata. A lot of people just walk across to the nearby chemist to their houses to buy drugs which are not prescribed for them by a pharmacist or a doctor, this abusing the drug.

There are lots of dangers in drug abuse. In fact, many families have endangered the life of their members through self meditation. There are cases of many small children who lost their lives simply because their parents, out of ignorance, purchased drugs from chemist and even in common markets without any doctor’s prediction and administered such drugs on their children. Other children suffer incurable diseases in the long run.

In our society nowadays, it is common to see young children with one deformity or the other. This is because many pregnant women abuse drugs easily during pregnancy whenever they feel pain. The resultant effect of this ignorant act is that most babies are born with one deformity or the other. Too bad for those poor children, some of them go around looking for miracle afterwards.

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