Thirdly, agriculture provides secure employment for farmers, fishermen, hunters and many others. The various components of agriculture which includes: crop production, livestock, fishery, forestry etc., provides recruitment for thousands of elders and millions of youths. Therefore reducing the rate of unemployment, dependence and national expenditure. If agriculture is shown more interest, employment is sure for highly skilled graduates.

Lastly, the amount of income agriculture can generate for both individuals and the government cannot be overemphasized. Agriculture, if well developed, maintained and managed can generate the whole necessary expenditure of the government without leaving out laymen. Both internally and foreign basis, domestic and export, agricultural products are highly purchased and requested for. S
With the state of things in the country, income generators are highly needed.

The above aforementioned benefits will all be gained and acquired, if only the state, comprising of the government and the governed can be effective in showing interest to the agricultural sector in its budget—income and expenditure.

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