Why Your business ought to have a blog or website

Numerous studies have shown that the total number of internet users over the world is increasing on geometrical rate every time: this means that there are more than enough prospects clients and customers for your business. You’ll agree with me that the current dispensation we have found ourselves is that of technology. Long gone is the era of trading only by physical means.

Now you may not even have eye contact with your client throughout the process of buying and selling. All you need is to have a blog or website where you showcase what you do. Post the link to your blog or facebook, twitter, instagram etc, and you’ll be amazed by the turnout of people from far and wide who will contact you about your goods and services. If you produce shoes, you can snap their pictures and put on your website or blog. As a fashion designer, you can post different styles you sew online so that people can contact you. The top benefit of having a blog or website for your business is that it gives you a presence in the space world: people can always fall back on your site 24/27 without closing shop to check out any product they intend buying.

How Do I Set Up A Blog Or Website:

If you’re just an entrepreneur looking to boast his or business, I advise that you approach a web designer to help you set up your business website often called e-commerce. The whole process might cost you a bit of fortune, but you’re rest assured that your money is being spent to package and promote your business.
The two most popular platforms related to blogs and websites are Blogspot and wordpress. A blogspot blog doesn’t cost as much as a wordpress blog or website. Both have their merits and demerits so you have to seek more clearity from the wed designer handling your work.


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