Chisom meet my friend Fred,and Fred meet my best friend Chisom as she both introduced them to each other.You are truly beautiful and what a nice house you’ve got, he complimented, as he sat down on the chair. Tonia, Chisom’s friend winking at her motioned her to come as they both walked into the room. Who is that guy, Tonia asked, he is my friend we met at the party last night, okay ooo, she said but he is handsome shaa. They both left the room and came back into the parlor, What will I offer you? Nkechi asked as she came close to sitting to Fred, anything is okay by me he said.Nooo, be specific or should I get u a beer? That would be fine he replied as Nkechi walked into the kitchen to grab a bottle of beer for him.

Thanks for the hospitality Fred said as he stood up to take his leave, you are welcome and thanks for also stopping by they chorused as he and Nkechi walked down to the gate. Take good care of yourself he said, also, be careful of the lifestyle your friends live so you won’t be influenced by them he advised, hahaha, they are my friends ooo and they are not the kind of people you think they are, she answered him, they both kissed as he drove off.

Wow, that guy is soo handsome and cute, how did u both meet, where did he take you out to after the party as they bombarded her with such questions and many more,well she said, I think I am beginning to like him, Nkechi said.Hehehe, see love in Tokyo ooo, Tonia said laughing hysterically at her. My dear, Chisom said, there is nothing like love oooo.If you feel you love him it’s okay by you but as a friend I won’t deceive you neither will I lie to you, he’s just here to deceive you and get into your pants.

Haven’t you wondered how I got this house, my cars, my shop, my clothes and lots more??? Or do you think it’s love that gave me all these. Have a rethink my friend, its not love that gave me all these or have you forgotten the saying; use what you have to get what you want.That is the tactics being played out here Chisom bragged about.

I do high class prostitution for a living.Prostitution!!! Nkechi shouted in shock and disbelief as she couldn’t take it in,but you told me you do international business, that you also run a boutique where you sell quality wears.Yes I do all those but I need to have a better stream of income. Chisom replied, as she came close to sitting beside her.You may ask yourself this question, how did you think I got an invitation to the party we attended on Friday or you never thought about Chief I introduced you to.

You are a very beautiful girl. Chisom admired, you have all full packages that could take you places or you don’t know that some men were calling me yesterday to give them your number and that they really do like what they saw. My number? Nkechi replied, yes Chisom answered, I advise that you put away that life you lived when staying with your parents and embrace the life of luxury if you really want to make it big in this city.

As she went back into the room to ponder on what Chisom said, her phone rang, hey honey, how are you doing, just calling to check up on you to know if you are okay.Yes I am she said, but I really want to see u, you know I’ve missed you soo much and I’m always thinking about you. smiling as she said these words to him, me too Fred said as they talked for a while, okay, let’s meet at the hotel we first met, I will be there at 6 p.m, love you! and hanged up the phone. Hmm, Chisom interrupted, see how much he loves you but don’t forget what I told you as he will always leave you for another girl after he’s gotten what he want. I know Fred, he will do no such thing, I love him very much and I won’t hurt his feelings Nkechi replied back.

Wow, you look soo gorgeous he said offering her a seat. Thank you, I’m sorry I didn’t make it on time, I was having wardrobe malfunctions. Hmm he said, so what can I offer you, any drink, she said, as the waiter brought them drinks, they sipped it while discussing. Fred, Nkechi said, I want to ask you something very important and I want you to be really honest with me “do you really love me or you are after my body? she asked, Fred startled by her statement replied “I love you soo much, I know your friends are influencing your thoughts, but don’t give in to what they are saying. I do love you from my heart don’t be bothered, I’m not going to hurt your feelings, he told her reassuringly.



  1. I thought this was over… Wow! This is also good. Nkechi should really be amazed… All these so called Big Big girls of Lagos are all feeding on prostitution…

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