About Self-Confident Women.

I love confident women.

I recall when I gained admission to study Law. I was a freshman on Campus. So on one of my first days on campus I was enraptured by the number of beautiful ladies around. Don’t get me wrong, I had seen pretty damsels before then, but that was my first time of seeing them in their hundreds. The campus was like a Mecca of Beauties. Trust me, the ladies on our campuses today are no match for these ones.

So as I was strolling to my Faculty deeply immersed in the excitement of being an undergraduate, three ladies who were also fresh in my Faculty (same class, but later left) were walking directly towards me. Our eyes met and I saw them muttering something to one another. Immediately I knew it was about me.

And then as we moved closer, one of the pretty ladies stood in my way and said, “You are very handsome”! Oh boy, I shock!! As in, I dey melt. Village man like me.

I literally thought I was dreaming. It was surreal. In my village women are not supposed to be so forward and confrontational. This one was new.

Speechless, I somehow found myself smiling and saying ‘Thank You’. Frankly I don’t know how those words escaped my lips. The ladies smiled and kept walking. I too suddenly manned up like I was used to it.

After that experience I began to respect that lady. She was bold, I thought. It takes a reasonable dose of Self Confidence for a lady who grew up in the African Society to tell a Stranger that he looks good. At least so I thought. I didn’t forget that lady and that experience. Then I realized that I naturally LOVE and gravitate towards bold and self-confident women.

Conversely, I so much dislike pretenders- Women who feel a certain way but express something utterly different because they’re afraid you might take them for granted. Such ladies are weak and suffer from low self-esteem.

Women who have a healthy and high self-esteem don’t really care what you think. They don’t need your affirmation or opinion to know their worth. They have a healthy appreciation of Self!

Such ladies would rather tell you they are horny than pretend to hate sex because they want you to see them in a particular way, and then be getting laid somewhere else. Not these ladies. They are real. They are down to earth. They are painfully blunt. I love those kind of women. Not love in the sexual sense of it, but in the realest sense. I’d rather spend the whole day with them than spend it with those who pretend to be nuns.

In fact, I’d rather live with a woman who talks dirty but very real, honest and true than spend one hour with a woman who can quote Scriptures, speak in tongues, do regular church attendance but nurses salacious fantasies deep inside. Such a woman lacks Self Confidence. It’s not holiness. Her ‘holy acts’ are mere veils covering up deeper desires.

I’d rather pitch my tent with a honest Jezebel than with a pretentious Mary.


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