There are different nations on the face of the earth differentiated by their language, boundaries, skin color, hair color, level of civilization and industrialization, gross domestic product, education, people, etc. These differences are pivotal to the development of individual countries makes them unique in their ways as these factors contribute to the healthy living of the citizenry, individuals, and much more.

Africa, a part of one of the continent of the world is not left out as it contributes its quota to the growth and development of the world. Being the size of a key, provides sustainable development to its citizens and different countries as part of a whole. Surrounded around by different countries makes it a specialty of its kind, having different individual countries as part of it, each developed by individual citizens of their own countries.

Nigeria, one of the countries in Africa is not left out in its struggle.Nigeria, a country located in West Africa.It shares land borders with Benin on the West, Cameroon and chad sharing borders with her to the east, and Niger sharing its Northern borders.

Nigeria is located at the extreme inner corner along the Gulf of Guinea on Africa’s West Coast.

Nigeria is occupying an area of 923,768 sq.km,is more than twice the California’s size.Nigeria has many ethnic groups but its three major ethnic groups are Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa. Abuja, the current capital city of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, was replaced the former capital city, Lagos, in December 1991 with Lagos being its main commercial hub.There are other cities in Nigeria which are; Ibadan, Enugu, Kano, Jos, Maiduguri, Port Harcourt, Aba, Calabar, and Kaduna.

Its population density is the largest in Africa with a population of 160-180 million people, also being the most populous black nation on earth.This population power is seen among its over 259 different ethnic groups, with the Hausas having 29% of it’s population density, the Yorubas 21% , the Igbos 18% and the Ijaws 105 of the Niger Delta.

This population density has given her the characteristic edge over many nations with its diverse religious, ethnic, cultural, customs, and also different languages as there over 2000 languages being spoken as a means of communication.

This also is seen as the majority of her working population are usually the youths between the age bracket of 18-60. This has proved beyond measurable doubts that it has all it takes from being called a third world nation to becoming one of the most developed nations on the earth as there are virtually any Nigerian in any country of the world.

There are different tourist centers in Nigeria including the Yankari games reserve, the Ogbunike cave, the relics of slave trade at Badagry, Lagos, beautiful environment, mountains, hills, savanna, as also these tourist serves as avenues in boosting the economy of her nation. Also worthy of note is that different Nigerians are represented well in areas of sports, music, education, finance, medicine, ICT, and business wise as a Nigerian is also on the Forbes List of the richest persons on earth.

One problem robbing her of economic growth is the corruption menace exhibited by her political officers. Large amount of her treasury is looted by these same politicians who made a pledge to develop her country not for a sincere purpose but of a selfish purpose. In spite of these all, she still stands tall despite the trials being faced by its citizens.

Arise, Oh Compatriots!!!,
Nigeria’s call obey,
To Serve her Father’s land,
With Love and Strength and Faith,
The Labor of our Heroes Past,
Shall never be in Vain,
To Serve with Heart and Might,
The Nation bound in Freedom,
Peace and Unity.

This should be our pledge as the country belongs to all of us and its our duty to uphold the nation and represent it well where ever we find ourselves as we are One Nigeria.



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