Life they say is not bed of roses as sometimes it will be difficult, other times sweet, often times seem as if the world’s forgotten you, comes with the feelings of dejection, pains, anger, resentment, trials that seems to break us up,faith that gives gives us hope for tomorrow, happiness for sadness, wealth in place of poverty, etc.

These and many more are the reasons for the existence of life. The life lived is not living itself but living the life we have lived.On passing on after such life, how do we want to be remembered? Do we want to be remembered for the good deeds we’ve done, the lives we’ve affected positively, or do we want to be remembered for the pains we’ve caused or the tears we’ve made people shed? This pertinent question need be be answered individually.

Life’s experiences either makes us or mar us depending on the individual’s capacity. Remembering my experience with a tout on the Island in Lagos drives me to making sober reflections on the life I’ve lived. Do we really live a life worth living? Or for the sake of living?

My experience with a tout on the Island all began when I was working as a sales personnel in one of the fashion houses. He was a very good friend of mine who always had my back when I’m in difficult situations.Jamiu was his name, a devoted Muslim, married with kids, came early to work, worked passionately with other members of staff until a day came when he received a call ”Jamiu, where are you, the person asked”, I’m at work he replied. What happened, why do you ask, I just received a sad news now he was told by the caller. He became inquisitive and tensed sensing sadness he asked, what happened to my father although he’s been sick for some time, he just died few hours ago. Nooo, he screamed as we all rushed out suprised seeing him on the floor weeping profously.We all asked in unison, Jamiu, what happened, why are you weeping as we asked more questions suprised, ”baba mi ti ku”, he replied, as we stood there, shocked at what we heard, no one seeming to console him because that whom he had left just died as his mother died had died few years ago.

It’s all right we consoled him, as he seems to weep the more, we all left bewildered by what he told us.We all tried to raise money for him in support of his father’s burial as it drew closer by the day.On the burial day, he was buried according to the Muslim rights, the 40 days fidau prayers was held in his honor and a party thrown on his behalf.We all had pity on him as his wife and kids wept for their grandfather and inlaw as he was laid to rest.

Then came the division of his father’s property as each member of the family wanting to have the lion share.They threw tantrums at each other, fought over piece of land and few houses, cursed each other, hating themselves in the process, even went as far as going diabolical just to have the lion share of their father’s property. In all of these, Jamiu watched the drama as it unfolds not even having a say in the matter.

On arriving the office some days later as I went to attend to other urgent issues, he came running to me for advice having narrated his ordeal with his family members.I told him in all sincerity of heart ,”Jamiu, don’t be bothered by the fight or the tussle for power and supremacy over your father’s property,just be calm, any share you are given,just take it and don’t fight them even if they cheated you, I advised and went to do other things.Days later, he came telling me that he’s been given his own share of the property and he did exactly what I told him though he was cheated.I told him again to start with the one he was given and he will make it big in life.He thanked me yet again for sailing with him through the storms of life.

As I write this now, Jamiu is doing well financially.Last I heard of him, he’s building a house of his own, opened a business enterprise in his wife’s name, his children attending one of the best schools and him happy for yielding to the advice given to him.

Yours may be worst than his, or you felt you are alone in this world.Sit back and reflect on your past life, have you obeyed instructions? Have you gone to an older fellow for advice? Or you are just living your life without a map, a compass or direction?

Let’s give ourselves a new life, let’s correct our mistakes, let’s seek help when in need of it.Don’t die in silence thinking you can solve it alone, a problem shared is a problem half solved but mind whom you share your problem with.Be a source of encouragement to the down trodden, help others rise when they fall, help them succeed if failing, see greatness in them when they see failure.Only then we would have lived a life worth living.



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