I Broke Her Nose.

My heart longed a perfect being;
Yet my heart fell for the opposite.
Love is unfair to me!
I broke her nose.

She hurt my feelings every now and then;
She couldn’t cook and do as I wish;
We yell without shame.
My heart is broken,
Our Neighbor’s watch in dismay.
I broke her nose.

Her feeble knee seek for help;
Her soft hairy head finds a place to rest:
All she wants is a man to hear;
She can talk too much. I sighed;
‘Son of Man, comfort her not!’ the demon in me plea.
I broke her nose.

Her helpless body lay in fear;
True love fills her eyes, I couldn’t see.
What she’s got is a fragile heart I need to tend.
I have been wrong.
Depart, ye demon!
God mends broken lives.

– Olayemi Olumurewa Dunmade

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