The Dark side of Toady’s Hip Hop Contents of the Nigerian Music Industry

Have you noticed the current trends in the hip hop music we listen to today?
Money is now displayed in the most unscrupulous ways.
Curvy ladies and the lean ones too are paraded in video music as mere sexual objects thirsty for eyes to please. There are many people who don’t care about whatever is being shown in video music; in fact, the twerking and display of ‘assets’ by the ladies used in the videos, are the main reasons why many are getting anxious to download the next music video from their favorite hip hop artists.

The lavish, horrendous and careless display and spray of money in these videos have a way of affecting the thinking of young people. Many artists create the wrong impression about money; they focus more on how to spend the money – on girls, on strong wines, on cigarettes and weeds. on non-essential things, etc – instead of showing youths the right value of money and the right ways of making it in life. Many of these hip hop artists don’t even have a decent financial condition: their producers simply decorates them with the ‘I’ve arrived’ illusion which our youths embrace without giving in a second thoughts. Some desperate youths have become intimidated by what they saw in these music videos and have giving in to searching for money through dodgy and immoral means.
The display of ladies – clothed in bras and pants, or even vividly naked – has now seem to be normalized. Women are being displayed as sexual objects in some of these videos.
Womanhood is being relegated to the show of boobs and curves. Aren’t there better things these women could do?

An innocent young boy watching some of these videos alone might begin to think and search to do things which are improper because his mind has been polluted by the seductive displays in the hip-hop music videos we are currently parading on the market these days.

The most painful aspect of the whole issue is that no one really cares about these facts. Everyone seem to get on with their daily activities: ‘What you listen to, and what you watch is none of my business.’
Yet we forgot that what our young minds see on daily bases and intervals go a long way in shaping their minds and their thoughts.

Feeding on these videos raises abnormal thirst for fame and riches, abnormal sexual urge towards the opposite sex, and a host of other effects. These can only continue reduce our tendency towards have an absolute sane environment.

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