Need for Special Treatment for People with Disability in Nigeria’s Educational System

For us with no form of disability, the school system frustrates us.
From the administration, environment, teaching method, lecturer, lack of basic amenities and lacking all that should make teaching and learning effective, and it’s environment conducive.
We are very frustrated. Many give up.
Even when you are healthy and have no form of disability. Imagine the special needs students especially the blind.
My friend was supposed to be among the 2013 set that graduated from UNN but one lecturer decided to keep him in school by giving him carryover repeatedly for 3 years. The fact that the poor boy has a special condition didn’t appeal to his conscience.
I don’t know if that particular course is what you must pass to become the president. Or what else could be his reason?

In February he sat for another exam. Just last week, he was called back to come and look for his missing result.
UNN I heard is well known for missing result.
The non academic staff wouldn’t help. They throw the bundle of files at him and his friend who is helping him search for his result and scripts and would scream at them if they mistakenly open the wrong file.
He said he feels like giving up everything including the certificate but he needs a job or how else will he survive because begging or being dependent is what he hates most.

The other one in UNIZIK complains about not getting extra time during tests or exam. The invigilators collect his script same time they collect that of students who are not visually impaired. Even to read out the question for them is a problem for most invigilators as they keep grumbling and telling them to go and hire a help.
Their fellow students do not even help.

Mind you, these friends of mine do not entertain pity. They do things for themselves. They can even start a generator and warm their food. They believe they are normal and being blind makes them no less of a human being but at least do not frustrate or do things to remind them of their condition.
Our disabled students need special intervention. They have chosen to live a normal life why can’t they be encouraged. Even the department of special education do not have assistive technology and so it makes no special provision for these special needs students.
It’s so unfair.

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