REPENT!!!, the kingdom of God is at hand were the words I heard blasting out of the speakers as I passed the church premises.These words pricked my heart as I found myself walking back into the church premises unknowingly. The pastor, dressed in his classic Italian suit, nicely starched shirt, well ironed trousers, overly polished Italian shoe preached without fear or favor.I thought to myself ”can pastors still preach this??? as I was brought back when I heard lets give our offerings to the Lord.Walking out of the church premises, these word kept troubling me while I walked down the road to my house.

This and many more we hear are being taught in spiritual assemblies but a question to be asked is do these preachers really live what they preach??? Or do they preach these words to entice their members into believing lies as truth???. Well, these questions are to be answered by an authority higher than ours.

The very essence of life is living by our words.The world is looking out for people who live by their words, who do not mince words, who just want the truth to be told,people who do not pretend, people who will not be given over to deceit.These people are rarely heard, their voices subdued,often times loosing their lives in the process.

The world is tired of people who mask the truth, deceive people, preach gain sayings at the expense of their members pockets, make the people poor just to be rich, exploit people just to fatten themselves.These and many more are there hunting out for endangered species, people who neither lack the morals, ethics, people who lave lost their sense of values and conscience.

Individuals need to rise up to this act.Do we really portray ourselves to be what we are not? Do we really take advantage of people in their weaknesses? Do we really live a life worth living and dying for? Do we really uphold the truth irrespective of risks involved? Life is full of questions that really need answers.

Our reason for existence really need to be proved.We need to live an indelible footprint on the sands of life.Life living is worth living well.Change being a constant thing needs to happen in us before affecting the world.

Do we really make decisions in our favor to the detriment of others? The beauty of life is living in peace and harmony with others.The wars need to stop, the killings need to be put an end to, hate speeches eschewed, extortion halted and many more vices abstained from.Love needs to be given a chance, peace needs to be embraced, unity exalted, peaceful cohabitation needful.

In all of this, what we say or do counts.Words spoken should be graced, our lives being an example to others.The world is waiting for people who will effect that change, then we would say at last we did live a fulfilled life.



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