It was during one of my secondary school Exams.
I love to read at night, and because my house was near the school or perhaps inside the school, I decided to make the school’s office my reading room.
I picked some notes that fateful night and ran to the school office.
I sat down and marked out the particular topics I want to study for the night. I guessed I would really have to hurry with my readings since the exam was very close. I picked up the first. I was about to open it, then I stopped.

I heard a weird sound. Softly at first, but then it became louder and louder that I couldn’t withstand it.
The sound was not that of our TV, nobody could have used such a loud rate of volume, not even Ebun, the baby of the house. So I sat up and listened closely.
The sound was a mixture of frightened pain and agony.
It wasn’t human, it must be an animal. Then I stood up and said to myself,’Princiology to the rescue’.

I headed for the direction of the noise.
It seemed to be coming from the well, our well.
I halted, frightened. What the hell can be making such a noise in our well.
Everything around me was dark and all seemed to stand still. My next thought was to go back. But the noise was back again, ringing deeply into my hears to tell me I was closed to it. I summoned all the courage in me and went for the well.
The inside of the well was dark, but when I lighted my touch I saw what was in it.
It was one of our goats. I joined the call for help immediately. I raced into the building to call a brother.
With his help, we were able to pull out the drowned goat.
The goat was ever thankful, though it couldn’t speak. I saved a life.

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