Is Nigeria’s spirituality productive? Don’t share personal stories.
Even heathens and infidels have glorious personal victories.
The question is: has spirituality affected Nigeria as a country in politics, education, economy, vision, leadership? Is it taking us closer to first world realities… or is it just helping you as an individual sell more garri in your shop?

Nigeria’s spirituality isn’t interested in ensuring better healthcare, for instance… it only wants to heal a child of pneumonia miraculously, which it hasn’t even yet succeeded in doing.

There’s no holistic mission for religion in Nigeria. You want to drive a fine car through bad roads and call it a blessing. Build a Lekki house right in the middle of a street with bad drainage and call it a blessing.

These personal victorious are cringe-worthy, pedestrian and ridiculous.

You are not developing your minds. That is why we have to break this down to tiny bits of information so you can burp on it like a child still being fed cereals.

When will your spirituality and church-going and hallelujah-shouting graduate to tough meat and sound knowledge?

We don’t need spirituality to succeed or develop or curb our excesses as a failed country.

Religion/spirituality, as a matter of fact, is our biggest obstacle to growth.

We still believe God will do som’tin… and your faith will heal the land… and your prayers will touch the hearts of our leaders so they can stop looting.

Lol! Shoot me!

Deal with the loot in your respective religious centres first. Then deal with your own duplicity. That should keep you preoccupied for the next decade.

You don’t need God’s permission or even His blessing to build a first world county. Our minds can do so much. And HE gave us that mind. We are blessed already.

I won’t do my children’s homework. I will stop in grade 3. I provide children, go and read and pass. You don’t need me.

I know when I need to come in. You can’t be children forever. Kill your cockroaches with your own broom, make your sandwich by yourself, sweep your room, wash your toilet, throw your clothes in the washing machine, change the bedsheets, negotiate with the shoemaker by yourself.

Don’t call me.

When are you going to grow up?

That’s parenting. And if God is your father, why do you expect His parenting to be different from ours?”



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