Its now widely accepted that culture man’s most important instrument of adaption to his environment. It is said to be the identity of a people and one of the tools given to man to manipulate his environment and conquer his world .culture is exclusive to man and sets man apart from a mere animal. It transforms mam and society from one level of development to another. With it lies the index of assessing different generation and its people. Every human being is an active part of it and a product of culture. Irrespective of age,gender, social class , academic qualifications or race. It has been an issue of the remotest time to present and will remain so with varying degrees of intensity ,interest and appreciation. But how far has culture affected the modern man and how has he reacted to it? How has globalization affected us and how shall we survive its onslaught. This and more I shall be looking into in this write-ups .

Culture refers to the pattern of human activities and the symbolic that give such activities and significance. Culture can be understood as as a system of symbols and meaning that even their creations contest that lack fixed boundaries and, that are constantly in flux, and that interact and compete with one another. Culture is not for the elites or the learned alone but affects all members of a giving society, giving them coherence through law , morals, art and all others acquired by man as a member of a society .it is a set of knowledge , belief that give to the life of individual, group and society. It’s an identify of man .there is no human society that does not have culture, just as there is no culture that does not come from a human society. Therefore, culture and human society is inseparable.

According to Anold (1869:97) defines culture as all the ways of life including arts , beliefs, and institutions of a population that is passed down from generation to generation. Culture is the way of life for an entire society. As such, it includes code of manners , dress , language, religion, rituals , games , norms of behavior such as law ,morality and systems of belief as well as art. It does appear that whatever act of man and human act go to fit into a particular culture of a particular people. But depends on its place, time , personality, reason and effect .that makes all the difference between two different persons , people and era. Everything about a group’s culture and way of life including, aesthetics, law language, religion, personality patterns , therapeutics, kinship , attitudes towards equality and change , and the like are closely built into a system of pattern that is unique.

Obviously , culture changes as a result of contact between groups and forces within a group that create new challenges and problems. Culture is also futuristic. This means that it can take care of future in its dynamics and relevance. It contains the seed of future predictions , calculations, and policy anticipations even in it’s past and present realities.
Our culture is heading to a state of collapse as a result of the European we have come in contact with the way they have influenced us positively and negatively , we shall be looking at in theII next part.(TO BE CONTINUED)


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