Anglican, Catholic, Pentecostal or Traditionalist, I quit all the anger, malice, quarrel and chose peace

When a Catholic lady is married into the Anglican Church, there is a special service held to renounce the Catholic Church. But they don’t do it to Pentecostals.

When Pentecostals preach to you, they end it with ‘please join a bible believing church’. You don’t need Jesus to tell you that the Catholic Church have been subbed. They have asked you to leave the Catholic Church because it’s a general believe that Catholics don’t read the Bible and the church is a cult.
And that does not mean they totally accept other orthodox churches like Anglicans but they can be managed unlike Catholics…..smh

Women married into the Catholic Church are also baptized but the church accepts the Anglican baptism because it was done at infant but you have to receive communion the catholic way.

And as Catholic who converts to a Pentecostal, you are treated specially. In fact, even the pastor will recognize your presence because ‘a non believer’ has come for salvation………smh

There is an unending war between Catholics and Anglicans especially in the South East. A staunch Catholic family will never allow their daughter marry an Anglican or Pentecostal except she revolts. An Anglican family will do same too.

My friend was a Catholic married to an Anglican, she says she doesn’t flow well during their church service so whenever hubby is out of town , she goes for Catholic mass. When the family of her husband found out, they called an emergency meeting to query why she dared go back to the faith she renounced.

Back then in secondary school, a Pentecostal friend told me Catholics are the reason God is delaying the trumpet to sound because he is giving us a chance to amend our ways (lol).
I asked about traditionalists and Muslims and she said those ones are already condemned, and thou we Catholics still believe in God but our mode of worshipping him is what he does not like.
Of course she does not know Jehovah witness do not agree with both the Orthodox and Pentecostal doctrines.

Then I asked her about Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jews, people of the folk Religion. I asked her if she knows there are over 4000 religions in the world. Of course she does not know because the typical Nigerian religious fanatic only knows two religion, Islam and Christianity. Already, they have condenmed the traditionalists.

Some years ago, I would argue and fight over religion. In fact I almost lost a friend or rather she almost lost me because I was on my own o, we were watching CNN and there was a news about the church, she started insulting the Pope and I fired back. I started my insult on the Anglican Church from the Queen down to non living things that could be found inside the Anglican Church. That same week, still with that bitterness over what happened between me and my friend , I nearly pushed a preacher down a moving bus for talking about Catholic and Mary. Na so my vex

After that bitter quarell that resulted to malice and anger, I quit. I quit because I wondered why such an issue will lead to disturbance of peace. Why lose my sanity and peace over religious argument. Why can’t we live in peace despite our different beliefs? Did God impose these diverse doctrines on us?

Today, I just laugh or walk away from the scene rather than argue because the argument is silly. Thanks to maturity, my improved reading culture and endless research for knowledge.
Religion didn’t just divide us into groups but into sects and bits. That is like chopping a human body into parts then bits. This is same for Islam and other religions. We argue, fight and kill ourselves over man made beliefs. Sometimes when Atheists write and I laugh, fanatics come inbox to question my belief and why I didn’t condemn the Atheist. Sorry, I won’t fight for God.

It’s obvious that Religion threatens world peace whether we agree or not. Some people want to impose their belief on others, some will not respect others belief while some hide under the guise of religion to perpetuate evil and fanatics won’t condemn it or let you speak on of it.
Religion is indeed an opium of the masses that strives in the face of ignorance.

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