Youths in Nigerian Politics, a way of Sustaining National Development

The world now has the largest generation of young people in history so much that there is a great hope placed in their power to shape the future. These are the aspirations of many young people who earnestly desire to change their generations for good.This can be seen as much of the world’s population is made up of the youths.

The vision of any nation lies in the hands of our youths. They are filled with great abilities and towering ambitions. It will be a great waste of human resources if these youths are not given an opportunity to exercise their talents. This beautiful land needs these youths in order for our soil to become a brighter one and make it great again as it should be.

The basic aim of the youths is to get a good education in order to become better citizens of tomorrow. They need to learn new skills and improve on themselves to do the job that their country’s economy needs. They also need learn how to read, write, think, understand, analyze, and discuss issues their country faces. The entire success of the nation depends on the youths. However, in order for continuous success to take place; it is the Government’s responsibility to provide the youth with proper facilities , getting them equipped with the knowledge of the modern era, mentoring them,encouraging them to be actively involved in the politics and affairs of a nation, only then the change we desire will be achieved.

To realize this vision,various our government must invest in the empowerment,development, education and employment of their young people.

There are approximately 1.8 billion young people in the world today, which represents a minute amount of human potential. Yet too many of them are trapped in poverty, with few opportunities to learn or to earn a decent living and to fend for themselves.

It is known that the youthful age is the spring of life and as were being told that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow.The youthful era is the age of self discovery and dreams. They have the power to transform the nation into a better place,they also have the ability to lead their fellow citizens in the right direction.

Youths are fighters who have a never give up spirit, they also fight for an identity in society, attain equality. The homeless, unemployment, exploitation, poverty are problems which the world faces today. All of them hopes for a world full of opportunities, so great minds can conquer them and become better individuals. They need good morals and values to handle conflicts in a positive way.

This can only be achieved if given the opportunity to display their leadership prowess, initiate achievable goals, being able to stand on their feet, not being tossed about by any wind of doctrine.The youths need be given an opportunity to transform their immediate environment,families,circles and the nation at large

They need be given a place in politics to prove their capabilities as the old saying goes that “the youths are the leaders of tomorrow but what is being seen is the emergence of the older generation silencing the voices of the youths which should be heard.

When this is not done,there will be an increase in social violence, kidnapping, murders, cultist, drug lords, advanced fee fraudsters, increased crime of various kinds, laziness as no jobs are provided for them and no working environment to prove their strength.

Young people are hungry for better and favorable options which also rejects the offers that belitte their strength and demanding a better future. Many of them are claiming their right to a decent life, and they are willing to take risks to do so. This has been seen in recent times as the high numbers of young people taking risks around the Mediterranean, struggling to have a better life and struggle for survival not minding the risks involved. But if the youths are allowed to realize their full potential, developing countries could see huge economic gains as there would be increased GDP, more jobs will be created, improved standard of living will be experienced among all.

The more young people grow into well-educated adults grounded in all areas of life with few dependants and creating new opportunities to acquiring wealth, savings and high purchasing power, the more they will be able to rapidly push up economic growth and development.

These clear and concise steps should be applied as the youths also contribute to the quota of the nations economic growth and prosperity.

There should be an increased investment in young people.This should be achieved by increasing the quality of education at affordable rates.This entails the promotion of themselves which prepares them for future opportunities. Diversified training should be employed from the basic primary education through to the secondary schools, even to establishing vocational training centers and finally intensive varsity education which wholly prepare them for the task ahead.

Countries must also have vast employment opportunities for young people, favorable working environment for the youths to thrive in. “Many young people are margins of society, waiting on the train track for a train that may never come,” which means the lack of employment options available in many communities.

There is an unequivocal need to advocate the girl child gender.The female folks should not be left at the mercies of being sit-at-home moms catering only for the families and the children.They should be given equal rights and opportunities as they could also transform the nation in diverse ways.This education will make them decide whom to marry, determine the number of kids they would have.When the women gender be they old or young are able to make these decisions only then they will be able to complete their education and pursue the dreams of their choice.

The young people need be critically involved in decisions that will affect them. “We cannot talk sustainable development without the active involvement of youth,” “When young people are given decent jobs, appointed to hold political offices then they will create a better future.”

Let us take these ideas forward to harness the economic dividends, not abusing human rights, creating gender equality, increasing human capital, and dignity at the center of all our investments,” Then we would achieve all these only by ensuring opportunities are created to empower our young people and then we would create a better future and an enabling environment.


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