Apart from deep penetration, sexual activities between sexually active beings, is no longer news that people have devised several other means to satisfy themselves sexually, and prominent among them is masturbation.This is seen in the everyday lives of individuals who indulge in the dastardly act lacking the morals to control their urge when aroused.

Masturbation is defined as the act of sexually stimulating one’s own genitals for sexual arousal or other sexual pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm which of course is usually done in the secret. It is practiced by both the singles and married individuals.

While perceived that the men are most especially guilty of this, it has been revealed that women also practice this act being aided by the use of sexual toys to attain sexual satisfaction.

According to findings, it’s been shown that 92 per cent of men and 62 per cent of women engage in masturbation in their lifetime which is abusing to the sacred act Sex.

The reasons being given for masturbation are to attain sexual pleasure, to learn about or better understand their bodies, as a release, to substitute for sex from their partner and sexual dissatisfaction.This results in feelings of shame, low self esteem, not being sexually appealing to opposite sex, loss of sexual satisfaction, fear of not being satisfied sexually.

Although the reasons for this act has not yet been fully understood.Its worthy of note that the battle for its being good or bad has been in existence without a winner in its fight.

Some are of the opinion that it’s healthy while some of the opinion that it’s detrimental to those usually involved in the act.

Investigations into it have shown that beyond the instant pleasure people claim to derive from the act, there is always an ugly part to it that may hunt such persons later in life without also taking into consideration how strongly addictive it can be when into it coupled with the fact that it’s a cheaper form of sexual satisfaction.

Concomitant effects of this act includes loss of the hair, highly addictive, pains in the penile region,could cause blurry visions, fatigue after engaging in its act, it could also impair vision, cause loss of sex appetite, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation etc.

Worthy of note is it’s not the act that causes the pleasure experienced during or after the act, but its the activities of the neuro transmitters and the release of sexual hormones that causes the pleasure derived from such act causing the brain cells to receive such signals and then responds swiftly.

Findings have shown that masturbation usually ruins the sex life of those who indulge in it, leads to premature ejaculation because it does make sex uninteresting and difficult.

For the women and ladies who masturbate, it has been revealed that orgasm gives women an incentive to have more sex, since most women do not reach orgasm through penile penetration, some resort to masturbation because they feel it is self pleasing and then they become addicted to it.

Masturbation isn’t an act one should engage in and persistent engagement in it could cause low self esteem,loss of sexual urge which adequately not being satisfied sexually.

People engaging in such act should seek medical counsel. Truth be told that those who engage in it don’t usually go to the hospital to seek medical help about it because of the shame of being involved in it, but basically it can be treated by a trained and well qualified psychiatrist.


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