The nature of life

It’s so.. No adjective in mind.
We all already know its harsh, no need of reminding us.
It’s not fair too.
Should I say Unpredictably Unique? Good then.
I was speaking with a respected friend of mine. He told me he lost a friend today. I noticed his bad mood with the way he spoke. He was a jolly good fellow, but this evening saw him bland, listless kind of.

Now, someone somewhere, at the very moment his friend passed on, was making out.

Someone was getting kinky with a partner.

Someone was partying, someone was kissing.

Someone was playing video games with friends.

Someone got a good promo at the workplace.

Someone’s love proposal was accepted.

Someone’s wife got delivered of a baby.

Yet, someone somewhere was battling with cancer

Someone was in his/her Sickle cell painful crisis.

Someone else definitely passed on too.

Every second on this planet, approximately 2 people die. For every breath you draw, one person is sure dead. So, before I’m done with this post, a lot of people will be dead too.

Each one of us must have one or two things he/she regrets not meeting up to.
Some of us got left behind by our mates.
I am one of those.

It might be in our academics,
It might be in our jobs and careers,
It might be in our finances,

Hey, here’s what I want you to know,
Your problem is not the worst.

Someone is battling Leukemia now.

Even if you’re battling Leukemia yourself,
Someone else is on a life support machine.

The very day I learnt this, was when I stopped worrying. It made life much easier and fun.
But, don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating unnecessary complacency.

But it’s totally Okay, I mean totally, to be perfectly average. Your peace of mind is much more assured in that place.

Don’t feel bad because of where you’re not, remember that you’re somewhere at least. And someone envies that. It’s not because your God loves you the most, No, that’s a fallacy. He loves us all equally. It’s just luck and chance playing out.
Stay strong dear, things can only get better or worse.

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