Six Class of Girls You should never settle down with – A MUST READ FOR Bachelors

These are the kind of girls you should flee from when making a choice of a life partner,but choose wisely.
1. A girl who doesn’t know how to cook and doesn’t see it as a problem:
My dear,for how long will you pretend to be enjoying her tasteless meals? All in the name of love. Well,except you have decided to do the cooking at all times in order to enjoy a good meal or you have chosen to eat out for the rest of your life
2. A girl whose mother insults and never respects her own husband(the girl’s father). Such a girl doesn’t have regard for men, no matter who you are she will always disrespect you. To her, that’s how to treat men.A goat can never give birth to a sheep remember?.
3. A nagging girl: Nobody can cope with that. It is even written in the bible (Prov 21:9) that it is better for a man to live at the top of the roof than to live with a nagging woman.There is nothing you can do to please her,a fault finder,she is always correct,she can never apologize when she is wrong,she always looks for a way to shift blames.
4. A self centered and selfish girl who doesn’t care about the welfare of others. She will practically make you forget about your family and friends when they need your help and even those who were there for you when you were nobody. And you know what that means.
5. A girl who has a very weak spiritual life. There is no one who doesn’t know how very important a wife’s prayer for her husband is and also for her children. Their prayers go a long way in paving way in the lives of every member of the family.
6. If you guys were never sexually compatible during your relationship or courtship days, Please my dear brother kindly respect yourself and find your match to avoid unnecessary drama in your marriage.

Finally, If you are in a relationship with a girl that you are very sure you can never marry especially when you know she is ripe for marriage,my brother release her and stop raising her hopes which will eventually end up futile.Always remember that you have sisters and will one day have daughters who will be treated that same way you treated girls.If she isn’t good for marriage,then she should not be good for so many years of random sampling.
I believe you already know the qualities you seek for in a wife. Place them in an order of priority,but note that it is practically impossible to find them 100% in just one person,off course that is when you have to work with your scale of preference then TOLERANCE and COMPATIBILITY set in.Those qualities you seek but can’t find in her which are less important,you will have to manage them and you both will work on them.Remember that you are not perfect either.“In the absence of crocodile my brother you manage lizard”.

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