Obsession with information technology, harmful or Needful?

Information technology is now a trend that has come to be part of people’s lives across the globe. These usually are of different forms such as personal computers, smart phones, the internet, web and mobile phone applications, and cloud computing. In fact the list is growing constantly and new forms of these technologies are working their way into every aspect of daily life.
In some cases, there has been an ever increasing number of online games which has traditionaly moved from the physical ones like the play station to a more effective type like the online counterparts which is gaining widespread publicity.

Information technology at its basic level is technology that records, communicates, synthesizes or organizes information. This can be understood as any useful data, instructions, or meaningful message content.

The apparent rise of the use of information technology system has been seen to systematically rise through the years.An ever increasing popualce adopts the latest technology available.This is seen in the gradual growth of the 1st generation computers up till now when technology has made it so handful that it can be anywhere at anytime.

There is a need that these technologies advances will either be useful or detrimental as to how it’s been used. This has come to play in our daily living as we can do virtually all things with the aid of technologies and it can also be abused by being obsessed with it.

The increasing rise in information technology has seen man move up from the normal ways of doing things to practically control our lives using technology.This advancement has been seen as more smart phones are making individuals become smarter, improved the well fare of its end users, inculcated into different production process, fully automated cars, doors, and equipment etc.This is also used in health systems to monitor processes of internal body organs, detect ailments in the bodies, used in treating them.Its also evident as information can now be passed breaking barriers.

Also ,it’s been used in space technologies to monitor activities going on in the planet.Disseminate information without hassles, used to control diseases, used as a reminder in our daily activities and the rest.

Notwithstanding the numerous praises showered on it, it can also be detrimental.This is shown as its been used to destroy people, start wars, endanger the lives of its populace by wrong usage, creates barriers among people, destroy relationships, having negative physiological effects on people as pornographic materials and explicit images now flood the internet thereby trapping youngsters on their way to destruction.

Efficient use of this depends on an individual.This should be used rightly and not being abused as this may cause harmful effects on an individual.Parental control should be employed as in the case of children.Explicit images and graphics should also be abhorred among end users.

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