Arts, they say, imitate life. But then it is much more than that. It isn’t just entertainment. It is a mind control mechanism. It is a powerful instrument of communication. America’s cultural imperialism is propagated the world over through Hollywood.

Just the other day, I chanced on this Nollywood movie in a public place. One of the actors(Chiwetalu Agu)was confessing to killing several persons in his village. He was surrounded by onlookers who were astonished by his confessions. It got me thinking. If this man killed this many, what of people who died of high blood pressure, undetected heart complications, untreated malaria, liver cirhosis, diabetes etc? Did he kill them too?

You see, Africa Magic has festered a mindset of attributing every human challenge to “enemy forces”. People don’t visit their villages anymore because “village people”, because nobody wants to get poisoned while eating with his uncle, because nobody wants his akaraaka to be changed by a mere handshake. And so every business setback, every health challenge is reduced to a fight between God and the devil, with a Pastor who has a two ft by two ft sized bible under his armpit, with full compliments of abracadaabra of course. That is why there is an exponential rise in worship centres. Someone is always obstructing another person’s progress spiritually. And spiritual kobokos need to be employed for freedom to be regained. That is the rise and rise of “enemy consciousness”.

We have got great stories, with beautiful writers who desire that their works be put into motion pictures. But unfortunately, these Nollywood marketers are sending us to cultural Golgotta. And unless something is done to halt the slide, they will haul us into a tomb and mount guards at the door to prevent a resurrection on the third day.


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