I loved Super-The-Killer

I remember vividly while I was still a kid, around age seven, we had a dog named Super-killer. This dog so loved that we practically initiated it as a member of our family. Super eats whenever we ate; she goes to anywhere we go. I and my immediate brother would struggle to be the one to take Super for a walk whenever we were sent to buy anything from the neighborhood.
She was quite big; her size was intimidating for the rest of the local dogs around us.

She was the happiest dog in the day;
But the fiercest of dogs in the night.
Super was special. She behaves differently to others: Super doesn’t eat from bowls; you will have to throw up her food, and then she’d grab it, that’s when she can eat any food.

Despite being a local dog with crude trainings that we dish out to her, she could do every task a dog can do in this world, quite exaggerative though. But the only thing that seemed missing was the fact that Super couldn’t talk. She kills big animals from the bush and brings them home for us. She knew her share was certain.

This dog doesn’t just protect our house – let me still use the word ‘protect’ – she protects the entire houses around our compound. Everyone knew the good side of Super in the day, but the night cometh when everyone – except my own family – becomes the enemy of super. No one dared walk around our compound from 10pm till dawn; super would joyfully shred the flesh or such person or people or even break some bones: some people call her “mad dog” in the night. Yet, because it serves the general purpose of protection, coupled with the presence of his other enemies-friends, – the night watchers – everyone loved and cherish Super-killer.

The night guards didn’t actually fancy the presence of Super around the neighborhood. I believe she knew they were also protecting the community, but despite that, she barks at them at turns; much to their annoyance and daily frustration.
This dog, I remember, made our house very popular and kind of intimidating. The kids we play with would have confirmed times and times again before thinking of coming to play at our house. My family enjoyed the presence of this famous dog. I still reminiscence the company of this wonderful dog
Then, we woke up one Saturday morning and found Super dead.
My dad said she was poisoned by the night guards.

How cruel.

I wept. I loved Super-the-killer.

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