If I were to take just the people in
this room, it is likely that most of
you have spent anything from 15 to
20 years getting an education so
you can get the jobs you have.
Doesn’t it strike you as
irresponsible that one can spend so
much time getting an education
and yet so many people don’t make
any deliberate effort to develop
their greatest asset – themselves!
Most people think once they have a
qualification that’s it. They have
arrived. Is it any wonder they don’t
grow? They are stagnant. Stuck at
Most of us won’t even read unless
there’s an exam in sight. But you
know what? Everyday of your life is
an exam. Everyday you either pass
or fail the test of life. Everyday is
an opportunity to grow beyond your
present barriers and circumstances.
Everyday is a chance to become a
better person.
The saddest part is most of people
don’t realize this. If they had to be
graded at the end of their lives you
know what they’d get? D, D and
more D’s. And yet they thought
they were doing very well. They let
society’s “common sense” grade
If I can leave you with one piece of
advice it would be this: READ
Society celebrates mediocrity so
much that it does not take much to
set yourself above the rest. Doing
that one thing regularly will put you
way above the rest. Read books
that challenge you and that make
you think.
I have decided to read at least one
book every month. I’m already
amazed at the results.
In closing I’d like to say to those of
you that are skeptics out there,
those of you that are saying “oh,
he is just drink with the
omnipotence of youth. He’ll get
over it, and then he’ll be just like
everyone else.”
My words to you are:
“I ain’t going out like that. I know
that I have an abundance of
potential within me and I will bring it
out to fruition. Why?”
“Because…I’M DIFFERENT!”

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