I think it all started when I was 18
years old and in my first year at
campus. That was about the time
that I started to observe people’s
behaviour and just to think about
life. I was taking a walk with two
friends and was in deep thought.
They were chatting, but I was not
paying attention to what they were
saying. Then suddenly I said
“You know guys; I am pretty
disappointed with the adult world.”
One of them asked me why and I
explained that when I was going to
campus I expected a lot of change
and difference in the behaviour of
the people around me. After all,
they were adults. I always thought
being an “adult” was a lot different
from being a kid. However I felt
after being on campus for a few
months that the adult world was
not what I had expected.
Everyone just seemed to behave
like they were still teenagers.
Nobody seemed to be outstanding
in any way. There was no
distinction, as far as I could see,
between the 18 year old and the 50
year old apart from their age!
Where was the wisdom and
excellence I had come to expect.
There was no change!
I did not know it then, but over the
years I have come to see that the
reason people don’t change is
simply that they do not dare to be

Being different means:- Not being
afraid to challenge the norm.-
Being willing to take a chance.-
Asking why.- Making your own
track, not just following the well
trodden path.- Charting your own
course and destiny.- Being the
person that you were meant to be.
I believe that everyone is born
unique. But through the years we
work very hard to be like everyone
else. We conform to society’s so-
called “common-sense.”
Unfortunately it is just that –
“common sense.” That does not
mean its “good sense.”

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