Corruption is not the problem of Nigeria.

Yes, you read it rightly. The problem of Nigeria is not corruption. My post this afternoon is centered on the responsibility that we have to exhibit as well meaning Nigerians.
It is always very easy for us to say castigate this and that politician who we voted for; or who smuggled himself into the seat of power. We know what he or she is supposed to be doing but isn’t doing. We can analyze how Nigeria and our individual states can spend their budgets correctly without leaving out a kobo for anyone to pocket as take-home corruption.

But how many of us, I mean the vast majority of those who complains, are we, first, good citizen of Nigeria? If you’ve checked and examined yourself and you can categorically admit that you’re a good citizen; Have you tried to hold any political post or are you planning to? If you don’t have the flair for politics, have you considered using your vote to expel the corrupt leaders in your state?

I have realized that Nigeria needs the good people in her to rescue her from the misfortunes and loss that have worn the nation as clothes. It high time the good people stopped playing the blame game. It is time for them to come out of their shells and fill the seats of power in this country with their wisdom and God given potentials.

Nigerians dominate European and American best hospitals as doctors. Nigerians dominate world’s biggest universalities as lecturers and administrators. We have the best brains everywhere you can mention.

Shall we continue to have a garden of vegetables and still lack soup in the house?
Even here at home in Nigeria, as much as we have the bad eggs, we also have in abundance people who know the right thing and can do the right things. I remember the words of one of my mentors, the Zimbabwean business tycoon, Dr Strive Masiyiwa, CEO Kwese Inc., he said, “Nigeria is highly rich in her human resources endowment” Such a statement must have come after examining the great potential that lies on the marbles of this nation Nigeria.

People of unquestionable reputations still exist in large numbers in this country. Many youths are still developing in that same mould. It is time to stop being scared of the dirtiness of politics. You and I can make it clean; with our stand, with our votes.

If it lies in your inward capabilities to lead, as God directs, go ahead and contest. Don’t be scared of losing. You can only win after you must have lost. The fear of being harmed will also finally vanquish when the number of good people in the politics of this nation out numbers the bad one. Let’s make ourselves count.
We should stop complaining of being ruled harshly when we’ve succumbed our fates into the hands of the corrupt politicians that this country has been parading for ages. If this continues to happen yet again and again, then we are the problem; not corruption. We can always complain of bad roads, no salaries, no job etc, when we refuse to vote out the bad eggs for the good ones to come in.
Good men; those with the fear of God, those who have the integrity and tenacity to lead and not rule, should get in the driving seats of power in this country Nigeria, and shame the demon that has polluted our politics.
Corruption isn’t the problem.

9 thoughts on “Corruption is not the problem of Nigeria.

  1. [Admin] My lord i seem to stand against this view. It seems rather myopic to me. I would to state that CORRUPTION and corruption motive is the grand problem of Nigeria.

  2. Bosses did you read the Write up? Or you’re just judging the headline (a deliberate attraction)

    Okay, let me summarize the content in case you didn’t read through…

    Corruption is a problem. Accepted; it’s very obvious.

    But, when the bad people alone are left in the helm of affairs, what we will be getting is corruption and bad governance.

    Then, we all begin to complain like we have always do. Forgetting that we’ve single handedly given the affairs of this nation into the hands of thugs and rogues.

    The good, we’ll meaning people in this country have the habit of running away from politics (that’s the real problem. It’s a pity you didn’t get that from the Write up.) do what we eventually have is a country where the good people don’t participate in politics, they don’t exercise their right to vote, or and the ignorant ones end up voting for the same old corrupt politician who is well known.

    Corruption itself is a problem.
    More so, The negligence of the right. leaders/citizens to contest/vote is the biggest problem we have. You’ll hear such things things like “Politics is a dirty game”.

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