The world we live in today is faced with many problems.These and many more undermines our ability as individuals to live peaceably with all men. These challenges are seen in everyday living, our relationship to people, attitude to life and all kinds.Also, these problems opens up a better understanding as to how living in harmony with all can be achieved.

Envy,strife,jealousy,hatred and other social vices makes life worthy of living because when these happen, we tend to understand ourselves better and helps to teach us how to deal with men.

According to The Oxford Dictionary, envy is defined as “a feeling of discontentment and resentment aroused by and in conjunction with desire for the possessions or qualities of another.” This resentment is caused by not having what others have that we think we should have.It breeds hatred, jealousy, anger and the likes which is detrimental to the peaceful cohabitation of all.This social vice has always reared its ugly head in workplaces,market places, the homes, churches, schools and even among friends which poses serious threat to relationships between people.

So when we see people wear the latest clothes, use the latest gadgets, have the best of cars,build the best of houses and all sorts, this slowly creeps into our mind and unconsciously we begin envying them, this should be eschewed in its totality.

Her skin is smooth, radiating like the morning sun. She’s beautiful, classy, endearing. Today she’s in a beautiful car taking different pictures, omorrow she’s in an airplane taking selfies, some other time she’s in The UAE flaunting her holiday experience.She’s showing off her latest iPhone and Samsung phones. She’s wearing designers sunglasses and fixing original human hair. Then you ask yourself, you also ask God, what does she have that I don’t have? Is she prettier I am? Why are men not running after me like her? These and many more are questions on the lips of many.

Yet again you begin to say to yourself this man is amazing, see how nicely he treats his wife. The other time he bought her a house. Her husband even took her overseas for shopping. All her kids were delivered of abroad even having dual citizenship. Did you know he gifts her new car after each birth? Na wa oh. You the begin questioning yourself again; God where was I when you were blessing these women with rich husbands? Have you not seen how he worships the ground on which she walks??? See my husband trying hard to make ends meet. All his works, nothing to show off. When will this pains, resentment, anger, suffering pass away??. When will I wear good clothes like my mates who are women? When will this trekking, taking shelter when it rains, struggling with bus drivers for my balance end? God please.

These are also silent questions on the lips of many. The truth yet to be discovered is how they got their source of wealth which they spend extravagantly.You never seem to find out what they do that brings in such money. You don’t know if the source of their wealth is God’s given or ill gotten. Do you even know the tears these women shed behind their beautiful cars? Do you bother finding out if the lady you aspire to become is into prostitution? Do you know the number of children they sacrifice? Do you know their source of income???

Even your Pastor commands crowds, wear the best of clothes and shoes while his members live in penury but do you may never know the atrocities he commits daily behind closed doors? The innocent children he kills? Do you know the destinies he wastes? Envy no man.

In whatever we find ourselves doing and as long its credible, whatever thing you’re doing that is lawful, yes you may be feeling the pains now as it sees the world’s turned their back on you. Yes it seems God isn’t answering but the end is without struggle. Your mates are excelling doesn’t mean you won’t excel beyond them. Let me remind you, OVERTAKING IS ALLOWED IN DESTINY. Wish everyone the best but NEVER envy no one.

To everyone who works hard, their is a shinning light at the end of the tunnel. To the young independent lady one day you’ll be role model to others. To the young men doing menial jobs and still searching, don’t loose hope, the world awaits the celebration of your success as empty barrels makes the loudest noise.

It will all happen one day, a day you will never envisage. Be faithful, always be consistent in whatever you do, always being satisfied with what you have,be kindhearted. One day is just enough to wipe your many years of struggling in tears. Just one day, the world and your generation celebrate you, never forgetting your years of struggle which will be written down with golden pens in history pages.



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