Education is the bedrock of mankind.This has helped put man on a continuous quest for more knowledge, creating new innovations which ultimately leads to invention,opening up new doors,birthed new ides, improved the quality of the populace and much more.

The importance of education can not be overly emphasized as it will be too numerous to mention.This shapes mankind into achieving better goals, conquering new lands and opening up new and better opportunities.

The quality of education in our Nigeria has since dwindled due to negligence on the part of the populace, the government, corrupt practices, poor standard of teaching, dilapidated buildings, poor quality curriculum, lack of dedicated and humble teachers who also play a part in shaping the lives of their pupils.

One way in ensuring that the educational system is given an uplift is in ensuring that the system is gotten rid of the bad eggs which portray it in a bad light, bastardize the institutions of learning and make mockery of it.

The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) was introduced to help its populace in decision making. Some of these decisions include selecting and also placing the individuals in the varsities of their choice. The UTME is an examination basically conducted for the selection and placement of candidates into various academic programme in Nigeria’s great citadels of learning.

For UTME to effectively serve its said purpose, the questions must be of good quality, i.e. it should be considerably difficult, discrimination index disparities should be looked into, the alternatives must be good and the questions must be unequivocally fair to all who partook in the examination exercise.The examination body must also ensure effective test administration to minimize the effects of examination malpractice in whatever form.

Candidates who seek admission into Nigeria’s tertiary institutions are usually from different ethnic, cultural, religious, economic and other experiential backgrounds and these afterwards influence perception, performance and achievement of the candidates differently.

A good and standard examination must consider all of the above factors in planning, designing and conducting such an examination, such that all examinees are given a level playing ground to ensure fairness. The examination should be flexible enough to meet the need of the students and at the same time be able to meet up to the criteria that are to be measured .Such a test must be valid and reliable as examination malpractices should not be condoled.

Candidates who come from public and rural based institutions suffer from ICT related infrastructural deficiency as they will not be able to compete favorably well
with those from the urban and privates institutions as their modus operandi are always different. This deficiency indicates that some UTME candidates arrived at the examination centers already tensed especially if the paper-pencil alternative is not provided. This group of candidates constitute the highest percentage of those sitting for these various examinations.

Alternatively,Jamb should consider a decision to help students with an alternative to choose between a Computer based test (CBT) and a paper-pencil based test as an innovative way to check mass failure in the examination entity as those from the rural areas do not readily have access to computers and also having limited knowledge if not any knowledge on ICT.

Students who lacks the basics of operating a computer will surely perform poorly when exposed to that method of evaluation due to anxiety, tension, and lack of poor knowledge in operating a computer. An intelligent child with no knowledge of computer will end up doing worse than an unserious child with a good understanding of computer due to factors not related directly to the test but factors related to the opportunities he or she enjoyed while growing up in a better or richer environment. As such, JAMB should not completely abandon the paper-pencil alternative for the ICT method and vice-versa. Rather the two should be utilized independently and adequately for the best possible outcome to check mass failure.



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