The Possible Gain of rising Rape Cases in Nigeria

Rape has been defined as the act of forcing sexual intercourse or other sexual activity upon another person, without their consent and/or against their will.

In my state, a five years old kindergarten kid was raped mercilessly, I wept on hearing the news and saw it on Facebook.

The five years old baby who was raped and the devilish owner of the kindergarten who calls herself a mother tried to bribe the baby ‘s father with 100,000. I wept. apparently, the law enforcement agencies are investigating the inhumane act.

There was a mentally ill woman in a certain village who smashes the head of her infant with a pestle after few days of giving birth or the next day.
The villagers said they couldn’t stop her because they don’t know when she puts to bed and while they are still making plans of going to steal the baby at night (because she is a very strong woman who fights with weapons so you can’t take the baby while she is awake), they wake up to see a dead baby with shattered skull while she dances and brags about dealing with her oppressors and threatens to keep dealing with them as they come.
Her oppressors are the rapists who she may have no strength to fight but sees killing the innocent babies as her revenge.
For fear that she will kill the baby she had in December, some villagers alerted my mum and that very day, she went for the baby.
My mum came back that night with a broken wrist and leg. It was her driver and some men who were able to over power the woman while my mum took the baby.
The woman was taken to a psychiatric.

Now, she is recovering but I wonder how she will feel when told she was raped several times, got pregnant and have murdered her own babies.
Pedophiles and rapists, what exactly is your gain?

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