One of the most exciting and memorable moments we share with people is the connection we share.These connections we have with people can either be positive our negative.They may either make us healthier, happier, make us more satisfied with our lives or they may mar us, make us live a life full of regrets or make us develop cold attitude towards people. Any one we choose to experience depends on us and how we relate well with others as we can not live our lives without relating with people.

In building relationships with people, we have to put in place these factors as these are pivotal in helping us relate well with people irrespective of who or where we may find ourselves:

1) We must accept who we are.In relating who we are,we must put this into consideration.Relating with people proves really difficult but when we accept who we are,it becomes easier for us.One problem that poses itself is that we are all different.This difference is seen in our ideas, the way we relate to people making them see the world from our own point of view. We must always celebrate people’s differences as this can foster healthy relationships. When we do this, it becomes crucial to seeing the world differently and also knowing hoe people thinks about us.However, life may be an unpleasant place if we are all the same as there won’t be that distinct uniqueness we all seek.So knowing who we are and celebrating people’s differences is a sure way to a pleasurable starting point.
2) Using the power of Communication Effectively.This is mostly seen when dealing with people from all walks of life.This tool is of great importance as messages known and unknown meanings are conveyed without our consent.Effective communications fosters better relationship as it would be a benchmark for creating effectiveness.
Unhealthy communication rather do more harm than good as it brings jealousy, strife and hatred among people.This has been a contributory factors to the bane of wars we face constantly as words are being exchanged.This uneffective communication bridges the gap between employers and employees as there will not be a conducive working environment.

3) Effective Listening is a crucial tool in helping to build a healthy relationship.People always want that someone to listen to them as they bring to bare their problems as this boosts their self esteem, makes them feel loved and valued. When we listen to and understand what is being communicated to us, it plays a role in making the relationship a successful one.
Reflective or active listening is a skill that required when building relationships. Active listening entails we being passionate about the individual, we also being genuinely interested in understanding what the other person thinks, feels, want, or the message being passed across, and we listening attentively to understand the message before we respond with our own interpretation of the message that was passed across.

4) Dedicating our time.Time we know is of value and essence because the time that was wasted can never be recovered. We live in a world where time is of great importance and we are trying to fit in more than one lifetime, we don’t always have the time to give to our loved ones, friends, and work colleagues. Technology has somewhat played its role as we multi task, talk and text at the same time thereby creating unfavorable moments.

5) The controlled use of mobile technology. This also contributes to bulding a healthy life style but can be abused. By now, its been discovered that almost every has a mobile phone and many people have one or more of it. Whether they be used in cases of emergencies , or being used as an effective communication tool,they can also be a form of distraction when people exhibit a lack of mobile phone etiquette.

Every relationship we have can teach us valuable lessons, and by building positive relationships with others, we will be happier, live a more fulfilled life and feel more supported, supportive, and connected.


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