During the winter months, a lovable
sister was always down with cold. A
severe and prolonged one. My
mouth went ajar when informed of
the new accommodation she had
just moved into.
I once visited that house last year
Autumn and I literally sped out of it
at the manner the cold hit me.
When we couldn’t convince her to
move out, we remembered one
solid portable heater that we kept in
our garage for over a year, and we
decided to give it to her.
Thought it will be a good fit for the
lady, and her face lit up when I told
her all the good things the portable
heater could do!
It was one of these top-spec
heater with dual climates. It can
cool the house and also heat it up
in no time. It has a combined watts
of over 5,000 and came with a
remote control. It was about £300
when bought.
We dropped it for her after bible
study one evening, and we forgot
about it until almost two months
later when I asked her over the
phone if she was really enjoying
herself, especially with the remote
control part. Then she hit me…
“Sir, I didn’t know how to tell you
then sir that the heater was not
working. So I just left it there. The
heater packed up before you gave
it to me sir.
“What? What is not working? The
heater I gave you? A barely used
new heater? And you did not deem
it fit to tell me immediately?”
“I am sorry sir. I just didn’t want to
disappoint you. That’s why. I
believed you didn’t know it was
“How can I give you a broken thing
without me checking it first?
“I was wondering too sir. But don’t
worry, we are almost in Spring/
Summer now and everything will be
“Nah, it doesn’t work that way. That
thing worked to the maximum in
my office before I put it in the car
for you. Did you plug it at all to the
mains? And is your mains working?
“Ah ah pastor, you know I am a big
girl now. (She giggled). Mi ki I se
omode sir. I plugged it to all the
mains in my room and it didn’t
work. The mains worked with my
phone, laptop and everything else.
Even my friend Nicki helped me
test it around before I concluded it
has packed up”.
“Ermmmmm….(raking through the
layers of grey matters in my brain)
Did you flick up the ‘power on”
button on the side panel of the
“What ‘power on’ button pastor?
Have you not mistook this heater
with another good one? There is no
other ‘power on’ button anywhere
on it sir. I am looking at it right now.
(She laughed).
“Okay. It is in front you yeah?”
“Yes sir”.
“Make sure that the front panel that
has all the buttons is facing you.”
“Ok sir”
“On the left side of the heater,
right under the curved handle
designed for lifting, run your
fingers flat on the side panel t……
(She interrupted) “Ah….ah….pastor,
pastor, I can see something oh…(I
guess she flicked it on)…ah…ah..
.and I went to a top private
university oh pastor. In fact I can
smell the heat now. This is very
strong oh, wooow, so I have been
missing out. I am on my knees sir,
forgive me!
Many people go to church but they
are not connected to God.
Many people pray and dance but
are not receiving from God.
Fact is, there is no fault or
shortcoming with God who has
made all pleasant things available to
us in His great riches.
The only problem we are not
receiving could be that there is a
disconnection with us.
John 1:12 makes it glaring that ‘But
as many as received him, to them
gave he power to become the sons
of God…”
So, our becoming sons of God is
down to our receiving of him. If we
don’t receive him, we cannot
become ‘him’…that part of him
that sets us apart.
That heater was not switched on to
‘receive’ power from the source
even though it was plugged into it.
This is exactly the same fate that
many of us share….we are there,
we are present, but we are not
participating in the receiving of
blessings that come easily to many
A programme is organised, you
participated, at the end, all came
out for testimony except you. The
same thing you want was what
everybody rejoiced on for receiving,
but you, you missed out again.
Everybody gets things easy without
even stressing, but you, you have
to pray 21 days and fast for 40
days to get the basic blessings of
What I will suggest is that you check
your lifestyle for something that is
not letting through the power of his
blessing into your life.
It could be something you are
supposed to do but have not due to
lack of ignorance.
Just know that God loves you so
much that he would not withhold
good things from you.
And if he does hold back a little,
there is a reason for it. Just be
patient and stay fixed on him.


  1. But the trust, the devil is also very wise and ready to distract careless Christhans from the mains into vain gain. And so many are falling into his deceit

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