My Experience of Writing JAMB Examination in Osun State, Nigeria (JAMB Series Part 2)

The graft-like registration process
repeated itself at the reprinting
The urgency was however
more than that of the registration
Jamb was starting that
same week of the reprinting.
I went for my reprinting on Thursday and
saw on my eRegistration slip that I
am to sit for my Jamb on Wednesday the
following week.
The examination
date was just as expected.
I went home and completed my
preparations for the examination.

On Wednesday, 17th of May, 2017,
I left home as early as 5:30am to
make it to my centre before
Locating my centre was a
lot of hitch, I nearly thought I would
miss my schedule.
On getting to my examination centre, I met many
other candidates who were waiting
hurriedly for the commencement
of the examination.
At the examination centre,
candidates were piled up like a
bunch of banana to be checked by
Jamb officials holding a sword-like
Some candidates seemed
to be there for a fashion parade
rather than for the expected
At the same time,
some men were interested in
getting new girlfriends rather than
good results.
Others went around,
cracking irrational jokes about jamb
nd officials of NYSC.
The exam scheduled for 7:00am started
around 8:00am. I can’t say the
exam was difficult, but i know i did
my best.
And now,even as i hold my rather
unexpected result, i say thank you
JAMB and ultimately, thank you LORD.

18 thoughts on “My Experience of Writing JAMB Examination in Osun State, Nigeria (JAMB Series Part 2)

  1. Thank God for a better result
    I fink its high time we reviewed our code of conduct
    I pray its better and hitch free next year
    I’m congratulating u on your admission to the varsity of your choice
    Nice Experience though

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