I’m blessed.

There is this man
Who wakes up each day to say
‘I’m blessed’.

In the days of tribulation, despairs and shame;
he’d never stop to sing,
‘im blessed’.

Failure and shame often sits at his doors,
Perils lie on his ways,
Sickness crawl into his bed;
Yet his songs always’
‘I’m blessed’

Enemies rejoiced at his fall,
The World seem turned way,
His pleas to the heavens’ unheard;
Yet, he couldn’t keep confessing
‘I’m blessed’.

Soon his faith, confession, and hope,
brought the heaven’s grace on him.
His pains couldn’t stand God’s grace;
Truly, in the streets, his name now is always;
‘I’m blessed’.

#what you say, that’s who you’re#

# I’m blessed #

-Olumurewa Dunmade

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