I’m a confused wealthy Bachelor

Despite being the only child of Chief Davids; nobody was concerned whether I could cook, wash, mob the floor, and do other menial jobs that maids were used to doing for me since childhood. We are a decent well to do family. I grew up being handsome, brilliant, and morally decent. My mum and Dad ensured they brought me up to be hardworking when it comes to my academics, but they somehow failed in exposing me to doing some other things on my own. I just had enough maids and servants all around the house and everywhere.

After completing my National Youth Service Corps in Cross River state; I luckily secured a lucrative job at a multi-national oil company located in Calabar, through the influence of a very close friend of my Dad. I believed it was time to move on finally from my parents house in Ogun state back to Cross Rivers. I had a perfect plan as a typical Nigerian bachelor: I intend to work for two years in order to gather enough stability to set up a financially capable family. My fiancé, Lola, already started working as a banker in Lagos; things were shaping up just as weve rightly intended.

My dad on hearing the breaking news of my move to Calabar after a while spent of processing the Job application had no cause to rebuff; he gave his blessings. Mum dragged me close to her chest, prayed for me, and wished me all the best of luck. My parents were so proud of me being able to realize the need to embrace responsibility more than I have always been doing; more so, it has to be far away from home. Amazing!

I arrived in the beautiful city of Calabar. Drove in to my beautiful apartment secured by the company. A latest model of Kia Jeep was packed at the garage. It was from the company too. What a luxury!

Everything went on fine for the first few days. I spoke with my parents and my fiancé almost on daily basis. Lola plans to visits every last weekend of the month. Once a month!

I once has a serious discussion with Lola to allow me have a cook with me in my new apartment pending the time she would permanently move in as my wife. As most women would also do; she disagreed to the letter. No way, no way, she jealously shouted; I could remember the manner at which she spoke on the phone when I tried to persuade her to understand I couldnt do these menial jobs. She almost called me Lazy, imagine!

I needed a maid, probably a girl, to do these jobs. I told Lola.

I can eat everyday from restaurants, but who will mob the floor, arrange my room and do all those necessary but stressful things?
“No No No,” she screamed, my phones earpiece almost busted.
“baby calm down, I know its this Calabar girls youre scared of shay” I replied her gently.

My phone mysteriously switched off, geez! Lola go don vex finally!

The phone rebooted and the next call on the log was from my mum. Mum, ya’all know mums. She warned me expressly to not have a maid. “Eat outside, clean your apartment yourself she instructed.”
“Or, you employ a boy to do them for you” she advised.
“Noo, Mummy….” I cut in,
“dont you know boys steal a lot? I cant employ a boy, they are very bad” I replied.

I stood there in the bedroom imagining how a whole me would clean an apartment in this world. Mess!

I couldnt even have the time if I wished. I was lost in thoughts:

Throughout my university days, I had people who did the dirty jobs for me. I kept poor friends closely so I could entice them with my fathers wealth in order to have them sweep, wash and do other dirty stuffs. I only had my books to read.

Now, Lola and my mum are practically deciding my fate: no maid, no cook; nothing like house help until marriage. I can’t allow a thing like this affect my job!

I know I wont be a bachelor for life. But am mystified; whats the big deal if I got a maid.

Please, Are maids witches or what? I’m a wealthy Bachelor, but confused.

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  1. @Prince; you know he said he doesn’t like boys that they steal. Lol about the tricks; I didn’t decide on that though. Dunno if I should continue the story;

    It’s possible he has another motive….

    It’s a fiction.

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