Give me this mountain

Years have past, situation remains,
Others have gone up to better place;
quite pleasant than the old huts and moldy streets
where they all used to live.

One said they heard angel’s voice,
calling them to a sweeter place;
The best weather, amenities;
places filled with super beings.

But they worked hard they didn’t know.
No angel beckoned on them;
No gains without pain
– they paid the price, the lazy ones didn’t.

For those left behind to face the realities of life;
Climbing success ladders late hasn’t been easy,
Getting to where the big boys a mountain.

It’s like sacred mountain with its home in the thickest of bush;
Bush filled with the widest of beasts, jackals and bears.
They river at its feet is home to sharks of many colors,
The paths are narrow, formless and vogue that can make one crumble.
They say it’s hard to open the giant gates which spells impossible.

Yet one fact is true:
The peak of the mountain is filled with breeze so divine,
The spackling sun owns a throne on its shores,
The rivers on its golden rocks quenches fears and tastes Love and riches.

Even if it’s to dare,
The poor ones left behind wouldn’t care.
They had wasted all years being lazy.
But now In their minds, only a track plays:
“Give me this mountain, I want to climb.”


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