Beware, after all, the devil is Rich and Clean!

Back in the olden days,
We’ve often been told the devil is scary,
Red-eyed and has no mercy.

“He chases men and women
with rod that whiffs with cold blood and deaths,”
I sighed in dread.

You must flee from him, momma said;
Devil is rough,
stinking and evil.

But overtime I knew devil’s clean.
He’s appeared clean and rich to many now in hell.
To the “money desperado”; devil is rich,
To the “womanizer”; he’s clean and sexy.

Devil appears opposite what we thinkn
He is really rich and clean
– that’s if we’d believe.

Watch out for the ones with fire behind their smiles,
And those who want you fall while celebrating your progress.
Watch out. He can smile too.

The devil is rich and clean.
He can fake everything good.

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