The most important resource a NATION has is her YOUTHS. There will be no tomorrow if there are no youths. The youths of today are no doubt the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that YOUTHS are the soul of a nation because they are our hope of tomorrow.

Our youths are undoubtedly endowed naturally with talents, insights, initiatives and lots of potential which are not fully utilized because they have largely been misdirected. Our youths have all it takes to make a bright future, develop our country for tomorrow, but these have been hindered as a result of mismanagement. Youthful age is no doubt the stage when one is in spirits and has high hopes for brighter future.

It is at this stage that they re ready to serve humanity and are also willing to contribute their own quota to the development and uplift their country with their pragmatism. The reverse is the case when it comes to most of our youths. They think it is the stage of making things happen in violent ways. A stage when they allow themselves to be used as weapon of mass destruction. Their mindsets have been captured with corrupt practices and this is because we have mostly our corrupt and inordinate ambitious leaders and the government to look up to.

Our country is going to a no-level standard, where for the youths values are valueless, morality thrown to the dust, good ethics- a thing of the past, mediocrity extolled at the expense of excellence and our hopes and dreams for tomorrow become nothing but a mirage. With such mindset like ours, I wonder what will become of our great NATION when the baton of leadership is handed to us tomorrow.

We are becoming more identified with many vices other than virtues and if no strict measures re applied, Our youths may go as far as sending the few good surviving ethics which tend to keep our ego ever active into extinction. We emulate the mistakes of our past leaders instead of learning from them. Must we tread the path they followed which led to our own destruction? Nothing seems to be moving forward because of past administrations yet we want to join them in their mad chase for money, what a shame!

It is high time we listened to Bismarck’s opinion; “Fools say that they learn by experience, I prefer to profit by others experience.” Some of us are fools because we refuse to learn from their mistakes and live without peace of mind for the rest of our lives and for posterity to curse the reason for our existence. I leave our conscience to be judged by what was said in the book of Isaiah; “woe is me if I am not better than my fathers.” We must not continue in this way simply because that is the way it has always been done. The coming generation will suffer more for this if nothing is done to put an end to the mess we are facing already.

We have been living in corruption all these years and if we can’t stop it, it will definitely stop us. It is true that most of us have lost hope in Nigeria, but all hope is not yet lost. It will do us no good if we keep on apportioning blames on our past and present leaders, I quote Zig Ziglar;

“Don’t let the mistakes and disappointments of the past control and direct your future.”

Had it been we listened to the advice of Zig Ziglar, I think our nation would have been much better. We have already allowed the mistakes of our past leaders to control our future but however, at this juncture, it is pertinent to quote Rabindranath Tayore; “you cannot cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.” We can still do something to save our dying nation. Nothing is impossible to a determined heart. We must take a bold step forward in making a meaningful change in our country. Our generation must have something positive to give to posterity, something to be proud of, something worthy of emulation, something to be remembered for. Just like us, we can never forget the great Zik of Africa, Herbert Macaulay, Tafawa Belewa and so many others who fought for our independence; OUR FREEDOM! They left their footprints on our heart and in the sands of time. They will forever deserve our accolade. They will forever be in memories of our generation and the unborn generations.

We must continue from where they had stopped. Most of the leaders after them disappointed them, but we must not let go of the fight of making Nigeria a better place or more or less fighting for the actualization of our dream country if things continue to go worsened. The fight is for no one else but the YOUTHS – THE SOUL OF A NATION. This is a war that should be fought not with arms or weapons of destruction but with our conscience; YES, OUR CONSCIENCE! We must allow our actions to be ruled by our conscience because of future accountability. A man can never be free or have peace of mind until he allows himself to be ruled by his conscience.


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