Simple ways to stay healthy, free of Obesity, Malaria, Meningitis, Emotional and Psychological stress

One of the many problems people face today in our society is lack of adequate health care system.We seem to be so worried and preoccupied with making financial gains, elevating our social status and make good name for ourselves, being the talked of in the society neglecting our own health to our detriment.

Good health is as being wealthy. This has been proved that health is wealth, because when we are healthy, we will be strong enough to pursue our goals, provide for the family, and keep up with the affairs of life.

Good health is as important as healthy living as this puts us in the right state of mind, our bodies refreshed, not being ill, able to live up to the challenges of life ,as when we are not healthy this put a stop to all our hassles we face daily.

A healthy life style entails eating good food, having regular exercises, avoiding sugary foods, high caffeine drinks, avoiding high fatty content food, eating early at night and the rest as this promotes the wellness of the human body and mind.

The human body can not perform at its peak if its unhealthy posing serious health challenges, affects us emotionally, mentally and physically.This effect of an unhealthy life style is seen in our daily living, in our attitude to work, our relationship with people, and makes us visit the hospitals frequently for check ups.

Our life style as pertaining to our health will always be revealed in old age as age tells on us and our bodies too weak to carry out its activities.
When this happens, we my fall ill more frequently as our bodies will respond to various diseases when attacked which leads to the individual hospitalized and which may result to death in some instances.

Our personal hygiene is also a contributory factor to living a healthy life.This is evident in the way we keep our surroundings clean, how neat we are and how we take care of ourselves and our bodies. Health is wealth we know, but it is our own duty to play our part in being healthy as no one will do that for us.

The way we take care of ourselves is as important as the way we portray our image on the outside.Bathing twice a day,brushing regularly, not sharing our personal effects with people,
not leaving our hair bushy, trimming our nails short are some of the simplest ways to keeping healthy.

Cultivating healthy living as a practice pays off in the long run, helps ward off diseases and we may live longer live a life full of sickness.When we do this, we feel refreshed all day, feeling happy about ourselves and looking young all day.

Many health issues we face today are as a result of bad healthy living. Problems like obesity, malaria, diarrhea,polio, meningitis are all problems that comes with bad healthy living as this should not be encouraged.

Drug abuse, substance abuse is also a form of a bad healthy life style.This is seen today among our youths as they abuse these substances just to “feel high and good about themselves” not minding its harmful effects on their system. Cigarette, marijuana and other substances which is rampant among our youths and the older ones contributes to this factor. Smoking has been found out scientifically to cause liver damage and darken the teeth of smokers thereby the individuals having bad breath.

High intake of alcohol is evident among the youths, older ones and even among teenagers and some children as they are exposed to this harsh life at a young age, deceived, or feel pressured to partake in the act which eventually causes serious health problems to the individuals.

High consumption of beer causes serious problems like Diabetes, Nibbling of the body at old age, Bone loss, decreases Basal Metabolic rate, blurry vision and staggering when taken in excess.There should be a balanced consumption of alcohol as the body needs its sugar for its metabolic processes but not in high rates.

Eating a good and balanced food helps improves our health. Frequent visit to the hospitals to ascertain our health status should be encouraged as no one prays to be seriously ill.

The government also have a part to play in this as they should provide good hospitals, employ qualified and competent health workers, provide good drugs, look into the well being of its citizenry, pay the health workers as at when due.Only then we would have a prosperous nation and people who will always contribute their quota to to the nation’s growth as the working population is between the age range of 18-60.

One way the government can also improve the health of individuals is to encourage our local health workers to improve on their skills, provide ready and accessible financial assistance to them with low interest rates, training them on daily basis as our local drugs was being used in the past for treatment of various diseases, no wonder they lived longer than expected, some of them still being healthy as at today.

When this is done,there will be no need to seek medical treatment abroad then saving the cost of treatment channeling it into the economy.Young people should also take precautionary measures as regarding their health issues as there will be no need of them visiting the hospital too frequent.

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