Notwithstanding Boko haram and other troubles that abound, be of Peace and be filled with Love

I Know someone reading this will be wondering whether it’s actually possible to live in peace with people
around. Let me say with the help of God, a big YEA.
Roman 12 vs 18 says “If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.”

God isn’t happy with the mind-troubling violent events taking place all over the world today. From ISIS to BOKO HARAM to various internal crisis we are seeing around; these events show a vivid decline and ‘disconnect ‘ from the way, the instructions and the word of GOD-LOVE, MEEKNESS, PEACE .
These are supposed to be cherished and celebrated among
all men according to God’s word. Pure LOVE should be preached on every platform in communities and nations.

God desires that people own a heart like His; a heart filled
with Compassion, Mercy, Love.

Its however, flabbergasting and overwhelming that people think too much of themselves, maybe that’s why evil is on the Rise day and Night. If you have a Neighbour who lacks food, what shall it cost you to help when you are in a position to do so? Evil and corruption have become monsters that we celebrate instead of things we Castigate. We care less about our poor friends and poor neighbours who might also be in
a position to help some other day.

We often forget that “God created all for all” – to love and help people around us, according to the laws of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

Decide in your heart today to be of help to someone who is in dare need. Love, Appreciate, cherish the people
God has put around you-even when some have bad
behavior, pray for them to become better persons. Tell someone about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

You find joy and fulfillment in such. It’s alright to sometimes
dislike some people, but Spend no time hating them.


14 thoughts on “Notwithstanding Boko haram and other troubles that abound, be of Peace and be filled with Love

  1. To be honest, this world lacks love. That’s why killing is so easy for some people. That’s why corruption is easy for some leaders. People don’t love anymore; we can decide to play our part in being loving though.

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