Arrrrgggghhhhh, I shouted as my alarm woke me up, its 5 a.m, I said looking at the time displayed on the screen of my phone, I thought to my self it’s still early, let me go back to sleep as I dozed off on the bed. Waking up the second time, I checked my time again only to discover I had slept too deep this time waking up at 11 a.m. I hurriedly jumped out of the bed, dashed to the bathroom, took a quick shower, in a split of a second worn my clothes as I ran to the bustop to be disappointed by the long queue waiting for a bus. Standing for too long could be detrimental to me as I said to a guy standing next to me ‘guy, make we contribute money fly bike go school or you never late for lectures??? He looked at me, stopped an oncoming motorcycle as we both boarded it urging him to drive as fast as he can as we were already late for lectures.

This and many more are problems we face in our daily lives.This issues being as old as man himself has brought individuals to a level of mediocrity, decreased self esteem,many loosing their sense of values.Not far fetched from the truth, this attitude has been displayed by many in their official environment, churches, schools ,market places as we can not run away from this degrading facts.

Man was created to work, till the ground, fend for himself and his immediate families, look after what has been handed over to him since time immemorial but carelessness has made him loose that as we can evidently see the results daily.Fighting, strife,wars, high rate of divorce, hatred and other social vices becoming a norm and the order of the day.

We need to play our part in order that we will all live the peaceful life we envisage, where our world will be devoid of wrongs, where we can all be unified with common goals, where we are not afraid of our own people.This is the world I hope to see become soon in my generation.

This motivation has led many into emancipating themselves from mental slavery, ambigious problems, independence to nations, many climbing up the ladder for struggle, and all sort but we need to make it happen first.Please join me on this Motivation Monday to taking a stroll to greatness as we begin the ride.

One way to do this is Time Management.This has been abused by many even as Our Creator was the perfect time manager as we read in the Holy Book.Time management is soo crucial as to planning our schedules for the day, setting up time oriented goals daily and eventually achieving what we plan to do for the day.Early to bed, early to rise is as new as the day as this helps us to wake up early to achieving our daily tasks.Watching movies deep into the night, discussing and other things can make individuals not waking up early to performing their tasks.

Also Setting goals is a way to attaining greater heights in any aspect of our lives. This though may be a herculean task, but pays off over time. Our goals must be smart, specific, time bound.Our goals should be structured in such a way that it can be achieved over time.Setting up of goals demands we focus on things where our strength lies and develop them.These goals also may be daily, weekly, monthly, quaterly or yearly as we wish to but it’s also necessary we review them often and check up on ourselves if we have missed the mark.

Going an Extra Mile is what differentiates the ordinary from the extraordinary.We applying extra effort in every thing we do makes us different from the ordinary people.We should not be contented with our present status but desire more as we walk through our journey of life.This “extra” we do sets us apart, puts us on the high pedestral terrain, makes us do things we would not naturally do though it will be tasking, but to achieve more, we need to go the extra mile.

Procastination as the adage says is truly a thief of time.This attitude is seen in people as they often say ‘I will do it later, there is still time’ not minding its consequences.When set out to finally do it, it becomes more difficult than at first.So when set out to complete a task, we should complete it and not procastinate.This attitude of procastination is evident among the younger generation, lets stop procastination before it stops us.



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