HARVEST OF CORRUPTION IN NIGERIA and my terrible experience with Collection of INEC PVC Cards

HARVEST OF CORRUPTION IN NIGERIA and my terrible experience with Collection of INEC PVC Cards

Corruption in Nigeria has passed the alarming stage and enter the fatal stage; and Nigeria will die if we keep pretending that she is slightly disposed. The words of chinua Achebe.

Individual make up a community, communities make up a State and states make up a country. If a country is corrupt, it is right beyond reasonable doubt to say that individuals who primarily make up the country are corrupt as well. Obviously in one way or the other, our attitude or services contribute to the downfall and the continuous deterioration of our fatherland. So, the question is, WHO IS NOT CORRUPT IN NIGERIA ? Who should be blamed for the political failures we have experienced over the years? Is it the leaders or the led? It is the majority of us who complain about the bad governance that give them helping hand and encouragement to continue in their evil deeds. It is us that praise and clap for them when they deliver their manifesto full of empty promises that will never be fulfilled.

The majority of those within the voting age vote base on the temporal financial assistance they will get from the politicians. The so called INEC are doing no good, there own corruption is nothing to write home about. I can still remember vividly how i went their office to collect my PVC Only to be out outmuscled by early birds. The next day i woke up early that was around 2:00 a.m, something i had not done for a long time. I headed straight to the INEC office thanks to my friend, who i slept in his house just to make sure we get to INEC office earlier. On getting there, we saw a man holding a white paper and four other people. We approached them, the man handed the piece of paper to us, to my greatest surprise more than 30 names was already on the list ? More than 30 names, when only 5 people were standing before us? This was another corruption in its form. We wrote down our names and waited for the INEC staff to come.

After some hours, around 9:00 a.m, they started calling the names on the list. After all the waiting in the hot scorching sun, that held grudges against us that day. it was only 19 names that were registered whereas they registered more than 100 people outside the list of about more than 200 people. That was how all of us left INEC office feeling disappointed. It was that day that i witnessed the highest form of corruption in my life.

Even some of our mothers cast their votes for the politicians that can give them bags of rice, groundnut oil, wrappers and so many others, neglecting the candidates with satisfactory moral principles. We have all failed our country because we are not content with the little we have. The insatiable wants of man have really cost our happiness. A critical examination on our occupations, professions or careers shows that our problem is within. We have tagged a bad image on our country due to the manner we render our services.

If we take good look at the medical profession, you will observe that some are into criminal activities. Some are there to save lives while some are there to contradict the vow they made to the medical profession. It is not news that some medical doctors are being paid to eliminate the patients. Some medical doctors and nurses are as bad as murderers because they aid in aborting pregnancies. Some doctors even neglect their patients for no just cause or probably cos of lack of money to pay up the hospital bills which may cost the patients’ life. Some nurses administer fake drugs to their patients.

Some pharmacists have their own shortcomings too. Some take advantage of their right to produce drugs by bribing he government officials to allow them produce substandard drugs which will be sold at the same price with the original just to maximize profit and that’s why some drugs do more harm than good to people’s health. They also smuggle and sell unauthorized drugs to the public knowing fully well the effect of those drugs when abused.

Some mortuary attendants are also into criminal activities. They sell human corpse to ritualists that need some parts of the human body for sacrifice or rituals. Both the mortuary attendant that sells human corpse and the people buying them are all ritualists!

Should I delve into the judiciary? They are the worst. corrupt practices, the hope of common is now a means by which common man is been crippled.
Our leaders, citizens should stop engaging in corrupt practices to save the integrity, sovereignty and respect of our country Nigeria.
All hands must be our deck if we must solve this menace eating deep our collective efforts as people.

16 thoughts on “HARVEST OF CORRUPTION IN NIGERIA and my terrible experience with Collection of INEC PVC Cards

  1. All hands must be on deck even the hands of the writer.

    As for me, what I think is simply happening in Nigeria is Enculturation – we as young and old people, even if we complain without acting or solving problems will find ourselves doing the same in time to come.

    We are even unable to decipher what is the right thing to be done and that which is wrong.

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