Types of Football Fans

Types of Football Fans

When it comes to the biggest and most popular sport in the world, fans are always looking forward to the next time their teams will be playing on the pitch again; either by watching on the television or going to the stadiums to cheer their favorite teams to victory.
Some fans love to show affinity for their clubs by purchasing latest club jerseys, club customized caps, banners and lots more. There are also fans who comically know the history of their favorite teams as though they studied the different histories of football club sides in a college or university. You’d definitely have your jaws dropping when some fans begin to tell you ancient stuffs about football that only 80yrs old men should know.
But all these only point to the love that billions of people from over the world have for their national teams or and football clubs.
However, there are certainly types of football fans if you ever noticed. Some of the types are just funny but are true to a large extent. So let’s go through each of them and unravel them steadily.

1.The Professor Fans:
In a university, a professor definitely needs masters’ degree, doctorate degree before getting closer to becoming an academic professor. These only translate that a number of years have been spent on lecturing, researching and writing different papers along the way. Proximally, football professors have been long term followers of the game. Now the most interesting part is they do not necessarily need to be old aged to acquire all the important qualities of a professor. They have been used to reading about football, watching football on TV, going to stadiums to watch their teams played if chanced, keep records of their football experiences both in the brain, on their mobile browsers and in books, so that when arguments begin with an opposition fan, they can be able to accurately elucidate their points and relegate the other poor guy’s argument to the bench.
It is not easy to seat with a football professor during a match, because times and times again you get corrected during talks about the game. They tend to be serious about everything when it comes to football. Just like a typical university professor, they tend to make you feel you don’t know anything. And coupled with some ludicrous pride, football Professors can be frustrating, really!!

2.The Sarcastic Fans:
If you are the type that loves to seat down and enjoy watching football match without talking, shouting or screaming; well sarcastic fans might spoil the party for you. This type of fans sometimes don’t have a definite club they support; even if they do, they derive joy in making jokes out of any situations or incidents during football match.
Sarcastic fans don’t get too emotional about the game but tend to focus on the funny aspects such as picking on the goalkeeper for a horrendous mistake he just committed, or making a good laugh out of a player for a misplaced pass – it gets worse if that wrong pass led to a goal. Incase you’re the type that loves to laugh as well, sarcastic fans will always give you a nice treat that will make you even laugh against your own club or your own player while watching football. Humor.

3. The Emotional Fans:
This type of fans know the meaning of true Love. Come rain, come sun, emotional fans are always throwing their weights behind their favorite teams. They celebrate match victories like a native ceremony. Matters can get worse if the teams they support lose. You may have to console them for hours or days before they get over the loss – especially if it was against a bitter rival like Man Utd and Chelsea, Barcelona and Real Madrid, AC Milan and Inter Milan, or Arsenal and Liverpool.
Emotional fans are most likely to arrive at view centers or first to purchase their match tickets before everyone else. They can go ahead to watch football match at the expense of having a date with their girlfriends. Food comes next to football when these categories of fans are in mood to watch a match. All will be fine once they marry partners who love football just as much. But you can imagine what happens if they live closely with someone who doesn’t fancy football. Terrible.

4. The Sadist Fans:
The English dictionary describes sadism as a morbid form of enjoyment achieved by acting (through talks, acts etc) cruelly to another. Now on a lighter mode, sadist fans do not see anything to appreciate about the performance of a player they have singled out for criticism while watching a match. Even if such player improves crystal clearly, sadist fans will still have some bad stuff to say about the player(s). Most of the times, sadist fans display their displeasure against opposition players. If such player scores against their team, they try to down play the efforts and compare what the player just did with what their own player has done probably in a march 16 years ago – which, funny enough when checked may not measure to the fleck or tricks the opposition player had just done.
It’s always a relieve when you finally see sadist fans praise a player they initially disliked. Such player must have done something wonderful on the pitch of play. Unfair.

5. The Neutral Fans:
Quite a stark contrast to the emotional fans. Neutral fans are only fans because they want to enjoy watching football at view centers or at stadiums without throwing their supports behind any of teams playing. Neutral fans don’t care which team scores or which team wins. They are mainly interested in what happens during the games and the final results. These types of fans are usually happy sitting next to a sarcastic fan to ginger them in throwing banter and troll at other fans that are on the losing side.

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