Should we be friends with our Ex?

Should we be friends with our Ex?

Most of the times life throws things at us; be it at work, in school, or within the family. We often have life experiences to put at the past in order to live correctly for the present and future. Disappointment in relationships is as relative as the blues in the sky. People sometimes indulge in love affairs without having ideas of what the nearest future might look like. There are unanswered questions only the future could answer. Will this relationship lead to a future both of us desire? Having known the scariest habits of my partner, will I still be able to hold on and never call quit on our relationship?
Different circumstances we may not be able to exhaust on this page often lead to break up in relationships – both casual and even the promising ones. Despite optimism by a male and female to continue in a love relationship they both cherish – with a giant dream to be together for as long as the sun shines – there are times when either for good reasons or bad the relationship had to hit rock bottom. For some who had to receive the news of “I quit”, life might seem miserable. After spending ample times – several months or years –sharing happiness, pains, challenges, and victories together, it would certainly be depressing and lugubrious for anyone to realize that the end to the relationship has just arrived from nowhere, especially when the other partner had just cheated and lynched the happiness you thought might last forever.

However, despite the agony or disappointments that might have been suffered, it has often been a popular subject of discourse if one could be friends with an Ex- partner – especially one who has pleaded for forgiveness without the intention of awakening the sleeping love anymore.
It is quite understandable that for this topic with much emotion being involved, opinions will most definitely differ. Judging from various angles and perspectives, someone might feel ‘okay, why not’ while another might shrugs ‘what the… never!’ So, in order to make this more interesting and open, a personal online survey was done to air people’s view on the topic: Can we be friends with our ex?

(Please note that the names appearing below are not the original names of those who expressed their views).

Kate: No. I don’t think so. I think if we could be friends we wouldn’t have left each other. If he claimed to love me, nothing should have separated us at the first instance. So no point in dancing after the music is over.
MARC: Why not. It is all question of maturity. In life we just have to let some things remain in the past so that we can live a joyous life. So back to the question, of course if she doesn’t feel otherwise, I meant my ex partner, then we can be friends though understandably it wouldn’t be as closely as before.
Mabel: Yes, we can be friends. Since it’s not like there was a serious fight prior to the break up. And even if there was a fight, that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. Life is short.
ERIC: I think we can only be friends if the reason why we called the relationship quit is not a severe one. Just imagine if I caught another man with her even though I placed my whole life and trust on her, then it would be hard to be friends unless it would just be a ‘hi hello’ one.
OLU: (smiles) Even if I wanted to be friends with her again it won’t be possible. She’d probably throw me a punch. This is because our relationship ended badly. So we just have to move on our lives separately.

What’s your view also on this?

16 thoughts on “Should we be friends with our Ex?

  1. To me it depends on how you define Friends.

    The level of friendship can just be a greeting kind of friendship, or a formal interaction and nothing more.

  2. Not every relationship should lead to marriage or the sort. Depending on the issues surrounding your breakup, one can be friends with their ex-lovers

  3. Now, according to ‘in dependence’, if your ex- is your first love. Don’t be friends at all, stay away, because there is high possibility that you go back to him/her.

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