Second Duel of the Second Round

Hello Retellers,

Welcome to the second duel of the second round.

1. To vote, simply comment : I vote story 1 or I vote story 2.
2. Do not attempt to predict who wrote which story.
3. Do not solicit for votes for any story. You can share the link and ask people to vote but do not tell them which story to vote for.
4. Do not vote more than once.
5. Voting starts by 9am and ends by 9pm today

Today Ada Nnadi and Stefn Sylvester Anyataonwu attempt to bring the thunder. And the theme is Samson(they are to pick a story from Samson’s life and retell it). Word count is 500 words.

Let us ride:


Story 1

The Philistines were bullies – everyone knew that. They had managed to capture Israel, a few decades ago, and were a constant pain to him and his people.
However, their women were beautiful. It didn’t matter what form they came in, in his eyes, they were beyond alluring. He had seen a perfect one he wanted to take as his bride, adamantly refusing his parent’s pleas to find someone else, anyone else from their tribe. Soon, he had succeeded in convincing them to go with him to Tinmah and ask for her hand in marriage.

His parents had long left him and he dawdled way behind them, so lost in thought that he had failed to see it in time. How he had been able to miss something that big was beyond him but it had zoomed past him, barely missing him by a hair’s breadth.
He looked at the object in question, his face twisting into a glare.

Lyon, infamous monster truck of the Philistines, torture machine. Carefully hidden in the vineyards of Timnah, one of the ingenious ways the Philistines had thought up to get rid of his people.

“Oi, why don’t we run over some Israelites today, that’ll be fun.”

He had a stare-down with the driver who gave him a dead smile, a stretching of lips, eyes devoid of mirth and Samson let out a huge breath of air, his hand going to his hair. He wound the thick dreads that fell past his shoulders to his butt, round his head and then secured it with a rubber-band he usually kept in handy, before turning his attention back to the driver.

The road was empty and deserted, stretching out before them like some kind of battle arena. His heart was pounding and the ripples in his muscles told him he was flexed and ready. The sweat that ran along his face may have been as a result of the scorching sun but there was also something else. Something was coursing through him, but it wasn’t fear. He felt sure, he felt confident.

This feeling… it was fire. Yes, fire.
Digging his heels into the ground, he gave the driver a look that said “bring it”. The driver revved up the engine, the loud noise sounding almost like a roar before lurching forward.

The next events that followed, if recanted would be waved off as impossible. Impossible as to how a mere mortal had been able to stop an object 1000 times his size with his fist, punching it into the ground so hard that in the smallest of seconds the Lyon’s rear tyres had been suspended in mid-air.

It certainly was impossible that he could have grasped this terror, muscles straining, teeth gritting, tell-tale signs of his exertion, and slowly, all so slowly, had torn the Lyon apart with his bare hands, driver and all.
Certainly impossible.

But he, Samson had done it and he told neither his father nor his mother of what he had done.



“Hey whore,” he Whatsapps me right after I set down to do my work. My cunt clenches. Puts phone down. Takes a deep breath. “Hi,” I respond, exiting Whatsapp. Phone in my pocket. Buzz. I ignore touts, trying to uncork a bottle of orijin. But I can’t ignore the fact that I’m thinking about him. Buzz. I finally take it out of my pocket. “Are you ready…slut?”…”Can’t wait to fuck… Don’t you?” “I’m sorry”.

“We will deal with this later,” he says. I love the vigour of his Jewish fuck.

Finally, last customer staggers out. I enter a store, it is empty. A man walks up to me.

“You must be Dililah,” I look at him, shocked. He smiles and places his hand on my waist.

“To the back”. There are two other men.

They smirked. “So you’re his lover?”

The three men surrounding me, one locking the door in the back room. One of the men flips my skirt up to reveal my little panties. I know I can’t escape this. One pins me against the wall. I gasp. He hooks my wrists to the wall, rips off my blouse, revealing my bare perky tits.

“You have a mission”

“What!?” He spanks me hard.

“Please don’t hurt me!” He grinned mischievously; “We want Samson dead!”
They rap instructions. “Fuck him so hard until he cums his secret”.

I get home. Samson in. I gasp. He smiles. I melt. I kiss him, unbutton his pants and pull out his cock, feeling it grow in my hand. He moves his hand into my panties.

“Samson…” I moaned,

“What’s the source of your power?”

“Wha…what did you say?”

“Your power source”.

“Ummm? Okay, bind me”.

I spread my legs, his cock touching my entrance. I whimper. “Fuck me”. He slams in his cock, thrusting in and out. We cum. I have been waiting for this. My muscles relax and I lay limp, feeling his cum ooze out. He’s exhausted. Time now to bind him.
2hours later.

“Samson!” I scream. He tears the ropes.

“Liar!” I shove him off.

“You don’t love me” I say and break down into tears, grabbing his dick and rubbing it’s head on my pussy. “Bae!” He moans, interrupting my train of thought. He sighs as I push the tip of his dick into my wet cunt.

“Tell me, else…” I wink, aware of his arousal. He makes to thrust in.

“Never had a haircut. If you umm… shave my hair.” “Seriously?” I slip his cock between my legs and moan as he thrust in.  He’s snoring on my laps. Scissors. Clipping dreadlocks. Picks phone. Whatsapp. “Hunt”.

Finally, I hear siren approaching. This is it. They are here. I carefully lay Samson’s sleepyhead on the bed and crawled out into the bathroom.

“Samson! Help!” I scream.

They barged in. From the keyhole I peeped, praying silently Samson does his stunt. Guilt engulfs me. They are assaulting him. I hate myself.

“Delilah… you’ll pay!” He curses. I did it!


Let the voting begin.

33 thoughts on “Second Duel of the Second Round

  1. Was confused about who Lyon was in story one.
    Story two sounded too sexual to be a Bible stuff, at a point I was like, oga Samson no dey tire… But they both did good.. Great job guys

    M going with story two though ??

  2. Wow!
    Both writers really tried. I love their mood of writing. It’s aesthetic. Howver, I will say both story defend the theme given. I don’t wish to vote but I will because of voting sake.

    On this note, I VOTE STORY 2

  3. Both stories are creative but less imaginative. I expected sth additionally new to what we have read in the Bible.

    Story 1 left a story about Samson’s love half way and rather ended the story on his power. This is not the best thing to do in a fiction contest with word limit.

    Story 2 is better written but I suppose this competition is Biblically oriented. Writer’s diction is totally out of place. He lost my vote on that ground.

    I vote Story 1.

  4. Nicely done. Both stories did justice to the theme.
    Story one held me till the end. I love it’s unpredictability.
    Story 2 just succeeded in making the book of Judges look like Songs of Solomon.

    This is a close one, but I vote story 2.

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